8.7 Review- Project Gotham Racing 4 review the brand new amazing racing game Project Gotham Racing 4
"PGR4 is finally ready for the starting grid, but does it take the checkered flag or spin out?"

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wil4hire4805d ago

The Flops strike back. first 8.5 now 8.7, I thought PGR was supposed to be an A+ game?

iceice1234805d ago (Edited 4805d ago )

Lair was? Heavenly sword was? Motorstorm was? Resistance was? Flops strike indeed.

Huh, who is disagreeing? What I said is true. All hyped to be triple A by Sony. Was PGR 4 ever? No that I had ever seen. I don't think any of them have ever broken a 9 average. So I'm merely pointing out that this guy has nothing to say and should keep his mouth shut.

Kulupoo4805d ago

It really come down to what genre you like, I dont like realistic driving game... didnt matter if its GT4/GT5 or PGR 4 they all score a big 8.5 from me. but Im sure for a 360 racing fan this is a 9+ game

wil4hire4805d ago

when a game flops on the 360

Lair = Worst game I've ever played. Heavenly Sword = 8.5/9 which is a flop in my book, but its the greatest graphics I have ever seen on a console, the massive high poly crowds were amazing. 700+ characters on the screen.. sweet jesus I wish this game was 4 hours longer... Haven't played motorstorm.

PGR Joins the ranks of these games.... I guess misery loves company? PGR4 Is a flop.

BloodySinner4805d ago

I'm surprised an idiot like you would have that many bubbles. Don't worry, I guess we can fix that.

WIIIS14805d ago

I like how wil4hire has realized the harsh reality of the situation. You just can't use the same yardstick to rate 360 games and PS3 games. 360 games have such a good record that anything less than 90 is a flop. PS3 games, that's a different story - anything more than a 75 is AAA.

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djt234805d ago

The game look and play good i need to get it

doomsonyman4805d ago

this game is not a flop just because you don't like it. 8.7 is good, its the same score they gave warhawk and look how fun that game is. its just that this game can't find its sweet spot as sim or arcade racer. also to me its just a cheap rip off to grand turismo thats why i don't like it, but that doesn't mean that other people won't enjoy themselves

ShiftyLookingCow4805d ago

oh come on its not even trying to GT, also that review said most games fail trying to fit nicely inbetween arcade and simulationbut PGR is an exception. The reason they gave 8.7, is that its not innovative and somethings about the bike.

RGTrain4805d ago

The worst screen tearing I've seen in a game. PGR4 was never built up as an AAA game like HS was.

sanderFVCKINcohen4805d ago (Edited 4805d ago )

Heavenly Sword is not a 3A game!!!

Do you guys even understand the meaning of a game
being 3A? SALES define a 3A game and Heavenly Sword
is not 1. But, it sure does look very beautiful.

TeaDouble_E4805d ago

Its not the best racing game but the in dash view and the weather effects are pretty amazing. Still a good game though.

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