Heavenly Sword Review - 8.0 reviews the Sony PS3 exclusive title Heavenly Sword.

"Heavenly Sword is a gorgeous masterpiece, a stunning achievement, for the six or so hours of gameplay and cinematics that are on the disc. If only there were more of a game to enjoy, Heavenly Sword would be one of the most satisfying experiences available only for the PS3."

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doomsonyman4038d ago

this game would have gotten higher scores if it was longer, beat it in two days but only because i was so addicted to how beautiful and amazingly fun it was. couldn't put the controler down but anyway i thought this game got preety mixed reviews but a majority of them were positive

PimpHandHappy4038d ago

im almost done with Hell mode!

Yea u add 4 hours to this game u would have had GOTY in the books!

but anyway

still a very cool game

Baba19064038d ago

yeah most of them were great. 8-10 but still i cant understand how some got lower than 8. HS is amazing. never been so addicted to a adventure action game before. i have never had the feeling after finishing a game, that i just need to pick up a controlls and replay it again. i allready finished it twice and cant get enough. and well dont even want to start with the grafics and cutscenes, i think we all know how that went. =D

ProjectX4038d ago

Prediction on HS2:
-Shen's servant (the one acusing Nariko being cursed) switches side
-Roach will try to help the clan
-King Bohan becomes psycho
-The Raven will return as demon sent warrior
-Kai still be Kai, but maybe not as airheaded as before
-and Nariko (no spoiler here) as legendary warrior

Tru_Blu4038d ago

8 is fair. This game gets 10's across the board, but it is kinda short on normal. They shoulda made hell mode the normal, and cranked it up more for the hell mode. Still this game sets the bar for graphics for a long time to come. It may be 7-8 hours to beat it(without getting all the glyphs) but those are the best 7-8 hours of game play yet achieved.

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