Gamer.Blorge: Wii is the stupid cousin of consoles developers don't want

Gamer.Blorge aka Tech.Blorge, quoting (selected parts of) a blog entry posted by Splosion (an alias), calls Wii "the stupid cousin of consoles" that developers don't want.

Gamer.Blorge further writes that the Wii is "little more than a GameCube", and it has three games that "might be worth checking out." Although the same could be said for PS3, Gamer.Blorge "would rather have a PS3 than pay a premium for the Wii which would equate to buying a PS3."

Gamer.Blorge finishes the report by saying: "WiiMote integration isn't very tight with existing titles and with everything else, you may as well go buy a PS3 since you could end up spending as much on a Wii anyway."

[Disclaimer: Gamer.Blorge has made several similar reports in the past, all citing anonymous sources, unnamed insiders, and aliases from forums or blogs; see 'Alternative Sources' below for a listing of some of those claims.]

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ktchong4034d ago

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djt234034d ago

# russell ihrig:
September 29th, 2007

I won't deny that many of the wii games have been dissapointing, but I'm confused on how you could possibly spend as much on a wii as a ps3. The wii costs $250 and comes packed with a game while the PS3 is currently $500 and contains no game. both only include one remote. an extra wiimote plus nunchuck will cost you $60 and sixaxis will cost $40. The average ps3 game is about $60, average wii game is $50. We'll assume you'd buy another game besides wii sports, and assume you'd only buy 1 ps3 game. So if you bought all of these things, wii is running you $360 while the ps3 is $600. that's a difference of $240 which is not small fries to the average joe.

it is not post by me

Omegasyde4034d ago

30+ demos is way better than a childish game. Let alone GT HD is a full fledged game.

Hell does the Wii even have demo's?

O wait. It doesn't.

Omegasyde4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Hard drive? Where? wait the Wii used memory cards (last gen technology)

and what about re charging the wiimote?

Rechargeable batteries + Charger ~15-25$


San Disc Memory card (1g?) ~30+$

that's ~50$. So lets do the math from the get go.

Wii 250
Nunchuck 20
Batteries/recharger 20
Memory Card 25
----------------------------- -----
1 player/no games 315 + Tax (~330)
1 wiimote and nunchuck 50
game 50
----------------------------- --------
415 + Tax (~423$)


60 gig ps3 499
Warhawk (DLC) 40 or 60 or even 40 "now at best buy, VF5"
Online games 0
5 free blu ray movies 0
----------------------------- ---------------
539 + tax (~565$) vs ~423

Hmmm. I could substitute the 360 with the ps3 and save even more.
The Wii isn't worth it. I subtracted 1 controller from the ps3 because there is "good" online games for it, not decent ones for the Wii (yet).

I went through the frustration of having to buy all this extra crap for the Wii. I gave it to my wife, in which she never plays now.

Young Capwn4034d ago

only reason i want a wii is for Super Smash Bros.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4034d ago

its theMART Peeing on a Wii with his small wii!

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