Killzone 3 for £27.99 @ Play 1 today only

what a crazy deal for a great game thats just come out!

No excuse Ps3 gamers! Though i'd let you all know so you can get it before it's gone.

killcycle4822d ago

That was just recently dropped i think, i checked amazon early and it was £35.

Anyway thats a lovely price for a lovely new game!

DontShoot-Me-Bro4822d ago

Yeah Amazon usually price match with other online retailers especially with Play, Zavvi, TheHut.

4822d ago
Thecraft19894822d ago

I bought it at launch for £29.99 from bee.com same with LB2 but has gone up now.

killcycle4822d ago

£30 at launch wow thats pretty damn good!

Bigaddygun4822d ago

The deal has been pulled from play.com but amazon.co.uk are still doing the deal for 27.99, a bargain, and won't be this price again until the June/July.


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