Games for Windows Live 'will get better', promises MS

Developers starting to come back to service, says MS man

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Thrillhouse2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I hope so, because at the moment it's a cumbersome turn-off.

MS should look at what Steam does right and work from there.

kharma452970d ago

If they hadn't pulled titles like Alan Wake I'd believe them, but MS has done little to inspire confidence in PC gamers of late.

bumnut2970d ago

Thats because they want you to buy games for £44.99 on xbox then buy dlc and also pay for subscription.

GFW will never be as big as Steam because MS are too greedy.

BloodyNapkin2969d ago

Well i couldnt stop laughing from the "MS Promises" part. Wow i still laugh everytime i read that.

ComboBreaker2969d ago

all these previous years.

Christopher2970d ago

They've been saying the same thing for the last three years.

Put up or shut up.

JsonHenry2970d ago

Yeah, GFWL sucks at this point. Not to mention when I play a game on my PC and my kids turn on the Xbox it logs me out of the game and I lose my progress... they need to fix that. I shouldn't have to create 2 LIVE accounts because I want my PC and my xbox to be on at the same time.

strawberry92969d ago

use a different gamertag then.

JsonHenry2969d ago

You didn't read my post. I shouldn't HAVE to use a second gamertag.

Elven62969d ago

Why not give your kids their own gamertag? It's most likely because the infastructure simply can't process all that info. If someone checks your gamertag, what game would you be playing, the one on the PC, or the one on the 360? Further, what if voice chat and all those other services are being used?

JsonHenry2969d ago

The Xbox people see the Xbox, and the PC people see the PC gamertag. If only one is signed in then they see whatever platform you are playing on.

If steam can do it, so can GFWL.

Elven62969d ago

It's a shared system, Xbox Live's selling point is the social interaction it gives where a user on one platform can interact with another in multiple ways. If the systems were locked down that interaction would automatically be removed.

Steam isn't that widely used (if at all) on consoles nor is it syncing data to a single source like Live is.

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wwm0nkey2970d ago

Steam has the digital PC download system on lock down.

Saryk2970d ago

Games for Windows Live stinks. I like Impulse, Steam and Comrade. Microsoft needs to look at the competition and evolve!

faraany33k2970d ago

Did you guys read the article. All he was babling about was BUNGIE MICROSOFT CONSOLE HALO, I mean who hired this guy anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.