1UP Interviews Kazunori Yamauchi

With Gran Turismo 5: Prologue captivating the Tokyo Game Show 2007 floor much the way it did in Leipzig, 1UP took the opportunity to visit the Polyphony Digital studios and sit down with Gran Tursimo Producer Kazunori Yamauchi, with the man's personal translator Tsubasa Inaba on-hand for assistance.

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marinelife94038d ago

1080p at 60fps. That'll work. I still wish they were releasing a complete game rather than a few cars and tracks to add onto later.

Maddens Raiders4038d ago

-- "But, it's the GT TV mode that really highlights how seriously the team treats the idea of being part of car culture. Recognizing that auto racing has become regionally segmented, Yamauchi wants to use the Internet link through to Gran Tursimo 5: Prologue to make gamers aware of events you would otherwise not be able to see. For instance, GT fans are well aware of the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTC, now known as Super GT) from their cars being in the game, but finding it on TV was all but impossible. With GT TV, you will be able to go to the Super GT channel and check out the latest events. And, when you leave your My Page screen on idle for a few minutes your video content will start roll. Getting content like that is only one aspect of GT TV. Car manufacturers will also be able push video out to you that will be one part of the expanded dealerships in the game. These "channels" are embedded into the interface as another option right next to selecting a car. And that's just the tip of the iceberg for Yamauchi's plans. Ultimately, he said he sees a point where when you went to a dealership in the game you could take an official virtual test drive. During this test drive, someone from the dealership could ride along in the passenger seat with you, describing the car, its features and capabilities via voice chat. Once you decided to buy the car, everything could be done through the GT dealership short of going down to pick up your real new ride.

As elaborate as that sounds, it's representative of the team's passion for cars that runs "deeper than the sea." That passion, and tireless attention to detail form the foundation of the series. It guides everything they do. As Yamauchi put it, "racing is not only lap times; it's the whole experience." -- All in Full 1080p HD.

There's only one.