'Halo 3' outshines predecessors, especially in multiplayer mode

"Halo" is here, and a week after its global debut, the question remains: How is the game?

The good news: "Halo" has never looked better.

The not so good: The single-player mode in "Halo 3" is frustratingly linear and, in a word, boring.

The truly great: Quibbles with the solo game, however, miss the point of "Halo." ... Multiplayer "Halo 3" on the Xbox Live network is really where it's at. "Halo 3" offers the most robust, varied and extensive online play options of any console game yet.

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BaMYouRDeaD4038d ago

I actually think that the Halo 1 campaign was better than Halo 2 and 3's campaigns. As far as multiplayer, yes Halo 3 does outshine its predecessors.

Xbox is the BEST4038d ago

just wished the graphics look as good as the first trailer they released. It does outshine Halo 1 and 2.

bluebrad19744038d ago

I agree. But you gotta admit, Halo 3 does look good though. Here are a couple screens I took in the campaign.

mighty_douche4038d ago

i admit those pis do look nice but, the actually gameplay isnt anywhere as good as when you watch the videos back, they seem much crisper. also im sure if i stretched one of those images out to 42inchs then they wouldnt look quite as good.

not bashing it tho, its a good game, still wish you didnt have to use matchmaker tho, all i bloody get is oddball and shotty+snipers, they should allow you to be more specific in your search.

bluebrad19744038d ago

I've noticed that in team slayer, in the pre-game lobby, the game actually loads 2 game variants. One is traditional slayer and the other is something like rockets or shotty snipers. I always veto anything that isn't plain 'ol slayer. Sometimes you still get stuck with something your not particulary fond of though. On a good note though, I'm getting better at sniping.

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doomsonyman4038d ago

I REALLY DON'T UNDERSTAND HALO iv'e playerd halo 1 and 2 they've changed the gamplay so much from what was the masterpeice of the first installment so much that the game is hardly even reconizable. halo 2 was a horrible, horrible game that deservs a 5 out of 10, and i think its obvious that bungie can't improve on the franchise but only do it harm. don't you get it this game will never be better then the first halo never never NEVER!!! AS FOR MULTIPLAYER like i said before this game has changed significantly since the first installment its not the same game anymore its just alot weaker. and its just not as fun, i wholeheartily believe people can only be dissapointed with this series, and if you value gaming jusitce and consider yourself a true gamer you will not support this game!!!

bluebrad19744038d ago

another sony minion that's emotionally damaged, because his beloved is the worst gaming machine to own this gen.

IRONMAN_357X4038d ago

i mean only 16 players and number one had way more maps, number one was the only good one

Maddens Raiders4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

I mean, it's my backyard. But the struggling Austin-American Statesman missed the memo. Makes sense though.

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The story is too old to be commented.