GameSpot Gives Project Gotham Racing 4 For 8.5

With 2005's Project Gotham Racing 3, Bizarre Creations ushered in a new era of racing on the Xbox 360 with a game that continued the long-standing quality of its Project Gotham series with amazing graphics and extensive online options. Here we are, two years later, and Bizarre has turned in the fourth game in the PGR series, one that opens up the vehicles list a bit and adds to the online fun, yet still follows the tried-and-true PGR formula.

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sak5004037d ago

Wow another great title for 360. Day one purchase for me. Loved pgr3. Ok fanbois come here and start ur engines now for comparing this with GT. We play you wait.

MK_Red4037d ago

Well, its TOO early for a PGR4 vs GT5 comparison and GT5 is still a year away but at least GameTrailers compared PGR4 to real life in this vid:

XxZxX4037d ago

That's ur excuse to make yourself feel better about the 8.5. I rather wait to play quality fine-tuned GT game than this 8.5 games.

WIIIS14037d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! PS3 fanboys must not be playing Lair (4.5), Heavenly Sword (8.0) or Warhawk (8.5). Dam! PS3 fanboys have nothing to play! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

nasim4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

another deceptive MS viral marketing.

at first i thought the environments were cool. then after looking at the ingame footage i concurred that it looks just like PGR3


HS makes all your garbage box 360 games look like wii games

stunt2134037d ago

8.5 is a pretty good score, but we all know that GT 5will be getting around 9 - 9.5

sonarus4037d ago

there are 2 types of racing games arcadey racers and realistic racers. PGR sumhow falls in the middle but IMO its more arcade than sim. That being said please no one compare this to the king and queen of racing. Gran turismo is on a league of its own. No fanboyism here but they were the 1st and as for now they are the greatest. They might not have damage or dynamic weather or car tuning but those will probably be present with updates and more likely be present in GT5 full release sometime next yr. No hate here but havnt enjoyed PGR since 1 so i am gonna pass on this one. I am however more interested in Burnout paradise. That and GT are the only racing games i need.

Bathyj4037d ago

There is no comparison between this and GT, unless you just mean graphics.

I was going to compare it to something I'd go Burnout, another arcade racer, in which case I prefer Burnout anyway, but thats just personal taste. Kudos for trying though.

PS does anyone know if Accelerator and brakes can be moved off the triggers? I would hope so.

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happygamer4037d ago

sak thats like your trying to start it up anyways i love gt and pgr nice score not bad doesnt matter doesnt stop me from buying my racing games.

sak5004037d ago

You'd think there will be no comparison and retarded comments by fonybois?

sak5004037d ago

i envy ps3 owners. They have so much spare cash. I've already bought bioshock, H3 and now hv to fork out for Pgr4, Ace combat 6, Mass effect. Damn u MS and your real gaming console.

beast4036d ago

Well maybe u should save your money , you never know when RRD pops up and scrathes your disk

supaet4037d ago

yah, this game is a 8.5 flop.

how many ps3 games are a 8.5 flop on gamespot again?

XxZxX4037d ago

you tell me, that's the statement when you guys said when PS3 get 8.5 games. ooh now 8.5 is not a flop.. Icccccccccc

wil4hire4037d ago

Sorry but PGR4 is more of the same. Needs less crap, needs more Gran Turismo Car models + Physics.

Downhill. Next up Mass-Effect.

supaet4037d ago

yah, if 8.5 is a flop, what is lair?

wil4hire4037d ago

Is tragic & terrible.

Just because you are sitting in the back of the class with the rest of the failures doesn't make your failure less or more than others.

PGR4 Had so much hype.. its GREAT to see this thing burning up. How the hell is a 8.5 game going to even come close to gran turismo?

supaet4037d ago

"PGR4 Had so much hype.. "

bs, who's hyping it? no one.

pgr4 has way less hype than forza2.

and it's coming out one week after halo, it'll get burried for sure, no one is hyping it, it's no where near a system seller.

remember people say how lair, heavenly sword and warhawk are system sellers?

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ShiftyLookingCow4037d ago

GT5 vs PGR4 is a stupid comparison. 8.5 from Gamespot is good, just like Motorstorm. It just means nothing revolutionary but still solid. Will be getting mine sometime this week

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