PSPgo follows older sibling, receives much needed price drop [UPDATE] Sony Bait-n-Switch?!?

Conflicting Gamers-[UPDATE: In a puzzling turn of events, it seems that Sony has returned the PSPgo's listed MSRP to it's original $199.99 on the official PlayStation website (where it was listed and CONFIRMED by this writer's own eyes at $149.99 just days earlier). This would perhaps explain the lack of any retailer pricing adjustments in the days since the drop. Sad news for those who were planning to take advantage of this deal. CG will stay on top of any further developments.]

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tweet752967d ago

The psp go still costs more than the psp that should never be. It has the exact same functionality of the psp but with a hard drive and no umd.

superadvanced2967d ago

but its smaller and cooler looking and has a ssd

DisgaeFanJason2967d ago

I agreed the go should be in the same price as the 3000