The People vs. Killzone 3

Aryeh Loeb, producer at Guerrilla Games, answers questions from the PlayStation Community about the mighty Killzone 3.

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killcycle2783d ago

They need to ask GG some of the more important questions like why so many features from kz2 was taken out.

Close_Second2783d ago

Agree. For me KZ2 MP was better. The lobby system was by far better and the ability to create custom games was fantastic.

GG may patch these features in but why remove them in the first place.

GamerSciz2783d ago

Something I am noticing about KZ3, especially now some people have gotten high levels and maxed out classes, is that most matches are just team deathmatch. Objectives are there but you see nothing but snipers, infiltrators not doing the objective, and seldom a medic or tactician.

The problem is to get points during a warzone match, the person who camps and gets the most kills get the most points. That's not right. KZ2 had like double xp if you killed someone within the designated area around the current objective. Incentive to do said objective. KZ3 not so much and have snipers be able to invisible and jam your radar and sniper being one hit kill and well you get my point.

In the end the problem is balance...there isn't much. They added a ton of weapons and variations and new perks and abilities for classes but in doing so they threw the game out of whack.

I enjoy the MP but I have to admit as a fun factor I could pick up KZ2 and always have a fun time whereas here it's up and down and lately more down.

rdgneoz32783d ago

I'll play my medic again after the patch, my sniper is better at protecting / taking objectives for now. "KZ2 had like double xp if you killed someone within the designated area around the current objective." If you complete an objective / take a territory / etc, you get double xp for 60 seconds.

As for balance, it is decent atm. Its all about teamwork to win. If you have people thinking they're 1 man armies, then you'll lose every time. Once the medic rez cooldown / range is changed, it should make things a bit better and get more medics out there.

p.s. Radar jam is just dumb in some cases, I stopped after the 2nd one in that section. Jamming the enemies radar is just telling them you're right near them, rather than them just going by and never noticing you're there.

p.p.s Don't run out in the open if you don't want to get shot by snipers and always put your crosshairs over friendlies / shoot them to be sure they're not infiltrators.

dead_eye2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

What. how many points do you get on average. If I don't do objectives I get anywhere between
3000-6000 points per match. If I do well at the objectives it's up to about 10000-13000

Edit. I did the same with my radar jammer. don't need that shit.

cyborg69712783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Whatever dude kz3 is the biggest let down for me this gen next to mw2. All gg had to do was build on what made kz2 so great. But no they didn't they listened to the noobs crying about the controls and tried to make it like cod. Hopefully they will listen to the Killzone vets and unfuck this game.

Nice the same noobs who ruined this game are disagreeing with me. Bitches.

HungryGoku2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Your the one who is bitching. BITCH

rdgneoz32783d ago

I disagreed because the game is fun and not even close to being the biggest let down this gen.

awesomeperson2783d ago


This is nowhere near as big as a letdown as MW2, to be honest that wasn't a letdown either until the glitches started.

The controls needed some alterations, which they fixed, I find it still retains a good weight but also has enough lightness to be able to move well.

I don't see how you can just say that whoever is disagreeing with you ruined the game. While some things are for worse, the variation in Killzone 3 is a lot better than in 2.

I find you to be bitching a lot more than anyone who is disagreeing.

jimbone792782d ago

LOL Hungry, It's you're. You are = you're, not your, and as many of YOUR post as I’ve read, I really don't think you have any room to call anyone a bitch. Hell you shouldn't even say the word unless YOU'RE standing in front of a mirror.

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ultimate-remag2783d ago

u tryna b a troll with witty words lol... bubbles down!!! attack him.....

MajestieBeast2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Make the engineer not suck monkey balls please. Cause the turret is pretty much useless except for the rocket. Then you added the hacking ability which is useless cause you cant have multiple turrets and you need to get close to the enemy turret try doing that its really fun.

Right now warzone is

40% snipers(campers)
40% Tactician
20% other classes

nightmarex1212783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

well tactician are super important b/c the spawn points are must have.

But i do agree engineer need a buff, but the problem is what happen if you mass the turrets its a balancing issue, if the turrets were strong you can have like 3 in a room and be impossible to get in like the small maps.
It's probably why the turrets are weak b/c they are scared if people mass them it be gg. i don't think engineer should be getting like bunch of kills with turrets either, they are more of a support not killing machines.
Also turrets are really shitty if you have them out in the open but if you can hide them they are really good but the problem is not every room or place you can hide a turret. But yeah i can see how engineers are not good but they are definite more suited when you need to repair the mounted turrets though, they excel more with those kind of maps.

MajestieBeast2783d ago

I agree tactician is important but the problem is half of who play them dont go and capture spawn points.

Im not asking for multi turret just increase 1 of these 3.

1.Firerate or damage done
3.AI:Some matches i injure somebody bad but the turret still cant finish him off and even gets blown up by the same guy now thats a joke.

rdgneoz32783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I've seen some pretty good engineers running around with the STA3 LMG kicking a$$. Insane fire rate and nice accuracy on that thing.

p.s. Think the turrets are weak, ever use a medi droid? Thing does sh!t for damage. At least turrets at rank 3 get rockets which can 1 shot people when caught off guard.

awesomeperson2783d ago

I'm a maxed out engineer, one of the two of my clans engineers and I find it good enough.

We are needed to build up ammo boxes, repair WASPS and miniguns. I also find the class comes in handy in maps with Exo suits, I can get a high KD by simply killing across the map with the exo and when at half health simply retreating back and repairing it.

I also find the last Helghast LMG (the spray and pray one) to be very effective in providing covering fire in Search and Retrieve along with general killing.

I <3 Engineer :D

Bathyj2783d ago

All these issues. Its always the MP gamers complaining about something. Just saying.

All I care about GG is, can you patch Move support into KZ2 (wishful thinking I know, maybe a Trilogy pack down the road, that would rock)...

and why on earth wont you bring secondary fire back? The Helgast Rifle with Underslung shotty round and the Machine Pistol with Silent shot from Part 1 are two of the greatest weapons of all time.

Let me guess, its a balancing issue with MP isn't it? I bet I'm right.

God that pisses me off.

ChozenWoan2783d ago

Loved the shotty... plus it was easy to keep ammo for it since the Hegs would leave plenty of it lying around.

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