GamersFirst Shows Off New APB Reloaded Driving Footage

Massively By Joystiq writes: News of San Paro is coming at a fast and furious clip now that APB Reloaded is officially toodling around in closed beta mode. Last week we hung out with GamersFirst at GDC and got the low-down on how the team is overhauling APB for its new free-to-play incarnation.

Over the weekend, GamersFirst uploaded a new gameplay video to its YouTube portal, and the footage offers a glimpse of the driving tweaks that producer Jon-Enee Merriex told us about at GDC. The footage focuses on the Macchina Calabria vehicle in a hair-raising romp through the streets of San Paro. While this is still a beta build, APB's driving controls already seem to be quite a bit more refined than they were at release, and there's also the requisite mayhem on display in the form of collisions (both vehicle and pedestrian) and a tiny bit of shooting at the clip's conclusion.

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Bounkass2877d ago

Pretty sick how she got out of the car!

Coheno2877d ago

It has the same soundeffect no matter what the car smashes in to... And the camera angle is irritating too. It dosen't quite follow the car when it turns ...