Ubisoft: Beyond Good & Evil more than “trendy features”

"Beyond Good & Evil’s timelessness, genre and graphics make it an excellent candidate for an HD revamp, according to Ubisoft’s Eric Damian-Vernet, because it doesn’t rely on “trendy features”."

Redempteur4886d ago

"And because of its distinct art style, BG&E has aged much better than games with realistic art."

i agree


Ubisoft Not Worried About GTA 6: Other Games Out During GTA's Past Releases Do Really Well

Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot isn't worried about about GTA 6 and states that from their experience, games available during a GTA launch do well.

Hofstaderman10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

Brave words.... GTA V has done well since 2013 to date. 11 years, Yves.

RiseNShine9h ago

Old man, now that it's even trendy, it's time to step down, Ubisoft is looking worse than ever.

Inverno2h ago

You've not had to worry about a GTA game being released for over a decade bro. There are games bigger than what Ubi shites out that avoid releasing around the time of GTA, that's how massive GTA is.

Demetrius2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

I if I were other devs I wouldn't worry neither, especially since down the line rockstar will abandon offline support and fully focus on online only bs. Hopefully Gta 6 is made with plenty of depth and not just gorgeous graphics, come on rockstar come back and show how open world games should be.


Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Plus Game Gets Physical Limited Edition for Steam

You heard it right, folks. A Limited Edition for Steam in 2024.

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FinalFantasyFanatic14d ago

I wish this would happen more often, there are a lot of Steam games I would buy limited physical editions for if they existed.


Ubisoft Teams Up With Double Jump Tokyo To Work On Its NFT Multiplayer RPG

It appears that Ubisoft is still pursuing NFTs. It has partnered with Double Jump Tokyo to work on an NFT multiplayer RPG project.

-Foxtrot17d ago

NFT? Lmao

It’s over Ubisoft where you guys been, Jesus.

Smok9116d ago

Well you look at how many games are in development with NFT’s currently you can see they’re preparing for the next bull-run this Fall.

porkChop17d ago

Man, I haven't even heard anyone mention NFTs in ages. NFTs are dead. The Guillemot family just keep finding ways to damage their business. They need to go.

gold_drake16d ago

big eyeroll moment

gamers: "hey we hate nfts"

Ubisoft: "oh u really really like NFTs u say?"

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