Anime Courtyard | Phantom Brave - The Hermuda Triangle PSP Review

NIS America brings us the third incarnation of this phenomenal series. Phantom Brave made its debut originally for the Playstation 2. Its next release Phantom Brave: we meet again was for the Nintendo Wii and now the last remake has arrived to PSP.
This game keeps the visual style we all love from NIS, a veteran game comes to our portables. Phantom Brave includes all the improvements made for the Wii release plus new content. The game includes cameos of known characters from games like Disgaea and 5 new heroes.

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gorebago2967d ago

Looks awesome - thanks for writing about it 8)

Cybermario2964d ago

games is great specially for people into the genre. Oh and epic avatar, Dr Who FTW!

gorebago2964d ago


i never heard of this game but am now looking forward to playing it. i'm curious about a gridless take on the disgaea formula.

Inception2967d ago

Another good game for PSP that i must skip first before i got the 3rd birthday >.<