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Blacktric2874d ago

A nicely put together trailer but I'd still prefer Mass Effect 2's launch trailer. Anyway, can't wait for my Bioware Signature Edition to arrive.

banjadude2874d ago

If anyone still wants the signature edition, CDUniverse is apparently selling it.

I just ordered my copy 5 minutes ago, through paypal.

Rowland2874d ago

epic rpg ? I don't think so - it's not really an rpg & the game has been significantly shortened from the original...

funny how Bioware are still able to fool some folks.

Baba19062873d ago

how are they fooling you? have you played mass effect2? have played the demo of dragon age 2? i think they rock! =D

Rowland2873d ago Show
joydestroy2874d ago

enjoying this game so far ^_^
time for bed though