Are there too many FPS games?

MMGN: The first person shooter is one of the most popular genres in gaming for obvious reasons, but is the industry oversaturated? When looking at the month ahead, there are always a greater number of anticipated FPS games on the release schedule than anything else. Hype on forums is always for the next Battlefield or Call of Duty. Online games nights are about blasting your mates in the face. With the advent of three dimensional play and online gaming, are we too focused on FPSs?

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Shackdaddy8362966d ago

Naw. Theres just too little of other genres.

Ahasverus2966d ago

No, there are too many SIMILAR FPS games

Kalowest2966d ago

Hell Yes
Feels like i answered this before.

jc485732966d ago

YES. so many is not even funny.

steve30x2966d ago

Yes. I cant understand why there are so many FPS games. They are nearly all the same as each other , but with a different theme.