60° Preview-Clive Barker's Jericho

A preview for the upcoming Xbox 360, Playstation 3 horror/FPS game Clive Barker's Jericho
"Enter a nightmarish tomb and lead the Jericho Squad through Clive Barker's hell on Earth."

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MK_Red4087d ago

GameTrailers really loves this game because this is their 2nd video preview in less than 3 months.
The game looks really promising but the initial reaction from the demo has been rather negative. Still, a must have for me.

BloodySinner4087d ago

Do you ever leave your computer? Seriously... no offence.

MK_Red4087d ago

Sometimes :)
But really, I'm not around much nowadays since there are so many games to play (And I haven't even bought Halo 3 yet).

RiceKrispies4087d ago

does anyone think this game is gonna be better than darkness

Jamaicangmr4087d ago

I do, from the demo it feels a lot more fluent the charactors and charactor interactions are lot more fun than what was served in darkness. I had alot more fun goin though this demo than i did darkness. The graphics and physics in this one are very impressive aswel.

tony4087d ago

not me. the darkness is a more compelling experience.

doomsonyman4087d ago

and this game is ok i guss. preety scary

Bullseye4087d ago

Trouble is IMO, they have tried to mix a fast paced intense FPS with squad based format. For me, this doesn't work.Squad is for tactics,and strategy based games like GRAW.I'll pass on this one.Shame, because Clive Barker should have allied with a more competent outfit and this could of been good.

Skynetone4087d ago

enemys were boring and you dont get any satisfaction from killing them

magic is two slow to use and you have to replay the level to use it corectly which means you have to die

another average fps

ill pass on this

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