Dragon Age II PS3 comes with big install

Lens of Truth writes "BioWare's Dragon Age II will be released Tomorrow for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. For those of you wondering if the PS3 version of the game will require an install we've got your answer..."

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Baron794400d ago

Now I need to remove some demos, this sucks.

RudeSole Devil4400d ago

Well I have a 120 GB but with all the mandatory installs and countless demos, [email protected]#t adds up.

blitz06234400d ago

Really it's not big a deal unless you have TONS of downloaded PSN games and personal music/videos inside. I usually remove game data after I beat the game. Currently I'm only using around 50gb of the original 80 inside. Never found a reason to upgrade my hdd.

blumatt4400d ago

I've got an external 320GB harddrive for all my media (music, pictures, videos) and only use my PS3 harddrive for games, demos, and game-related stuff.

KillaManiac4400d ago

Funny thing that if you install the game on your 360 it ends up being around the same amount of space.

Yet people still TRY to hate on ps3 b/c its mandatory even though if you have a 360 HD you'd be crazy to not install your main games.

Larry L4400d ago

I'm not clicking on this obvious PS3 bashing link. And I say it's a PS3 bashing article because I got the game at midnight and installed it as soon as I got home. And it's NOT a "BIG" install, it's 3Gb and took about 10 minutes, which is not that big.

Out of curiosity, how big did they say it is to call it "big"? Either way, 3Gb isn't big, and finally this site's true PS3 hating tendencies are plain to see with an outright lie. I've been pointing out their lies for year with skewing comparison results, but people could shrug off my accusations. But here we have blatant exageration to bash a PS3 version of a game.

Dread4400d ago

Its funny how your mandatory installs which take between ten to thirty minutes on average is not a problem at all, but when a 360 game gets multiple discs, which take perhaps twenty seconds to change once and thats it, it is a huge problem and it is used to critizise and hate on the 360

another example of double standards.

jeseth4400d ago

Why do people keep demos and data installs from games that have been released or that they never play anymore?

Erase it.

Why does it also seem like people only complain about PS3 installs? Games run better when they are "optimized" by installing them to the 360 and PC games have always been mostly install based.

120 GB of Demos and installs. LMAO.

Zydake4400d ago

Oh no now the gamers are rambling!


zootang4400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )

Buy an SSD, it halves your load times.

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gypsygib4400d ago

Seriously, who cares if have to delete demos. It's either you like the demo and bought the game (erase demo) or you didn't like the demo (erase demo).

It makes no sense to keep a lot of demos on your system for long periods.

JsonHenry4400d ago

As a PC gamer, I find it funny people complain about installs...

radphil4400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )

With the age of digital downloading showing up, it shouldn't really be an issue.

What's really funny is people considering 3GB big, when 1TB drives exist in the world, and even then, you can get a 500 GB one for the PS3 cheaper than a console game. :p

undercovrr4400d ago

And as a pc and ps3 gamer...i find it incredibly annoying how pc gamers find their way in the console section and love bragging about the superiority of their system.

radphil4400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )


How is it any different than console users going against other console users, bragging about "this system is better than the other"?

Least here there's some form of actual facts. People are bragging about it, but as a multi-platform/console user myself, I know how to set myself up so that I can satisfy myself using the Wii/360/PS3/PC, and honestly people should attempt to make companies a better service for you.

JsonHenry4400d ago


And I, as a PS3,PC,Xbox360 gamer KNOW my PC is superior and can't stand people who are so intellectually dishonest because of corporate loyalty that they deny this fact..

vickers5004400d ago

"KNOW my PC is superior"

On a technology based level, that's a fact. On a game based level, that's just your opinion.

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Da_Truth4400d ago

And it comes with big screen tearing bad cause Mass Effect 2 had none...

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gypsygib4400d ago

I really don't mind installs, I actually prefer them. They make loading faster, I wish all games had installs. I install all my 360 games too to prolong the life of the DVD drive. I really don't mind waiting an extra 5 - 20 minutes before I can play my game for the first time, it just builds anticipation, sort of like foreplay, it makes things better.

Seriously, 500 Gig HDs are 50 bucks, even the stock HD is good enough unless you PS3 is packed with movies.

jimbone794400d ago

I really prefer it too. I install all my 360 games just to save the disk drive wear and tear. I don't know why they try to make this out to be a bad thing. I install every game I get anyway.

Godmars2904400d ago

Since when was a 3GB install considered big? GT5's install is big, MGS4's was big, but that's more average.

gypsygib4400d ago

The only install I minded was MGS4 because I thought it would have just been faster to change discs considering you had to install repeatedly. Other than that game, bring on the installs.

I wish Killzone 3 had an install, so there wouldn't be that occasional loading stutter. Devs shouldn't listen to the whiners and think installs are something bad or at least always give the option to install.

guigsy4400d ago

I think the fact that it takes 15 minutes is a bigger deal.

Mmmkay4400d ago

jerk off and have a a smoke. done.

Joe Bomb4400d ago

I always say I mind installs on my PS3, but whenever I buy a new game for the 360 that I know I'll be playing for a while I install it anyway, like a hypocrite. So yeah, I guess I really don't mind installs.

cfountain4400d ago

that isnt big tho...i saw the title and was expecting 5gb+ or something. Ive been rocking a 320gb HDD in my PS3 for a while now. The days of worrying about an install are long gone.

anyway, im picking it up this week.

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