White Knight Story Devs Talk PS3, Rogue Galaxy and More Plus Video

Between seeing its debut at Tokyo Game Show 2006 and spending some time with the playable demo on this year's TGS show floor, 1UP's interest in Level-5's White Knight Story has definitely risen. Going straight to the source, they asked producer Akihiro Hino and director Yoshiaki Kusuda a few questions about their upcoming RPG.

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MK_Red4191d ago

Rogue Galaxy is a seriously underrated game. Level 5 is one of the best RPG makers and it's sad how their last PS2 game was lost in the storm.
Hope WKS gets the attention and praise that it truly deserves.

Sevir044191d ago

level-5 does an awesome job. on rpg's it's just a sad thing though that level 5 said they hate doing sequels. and with this they said this will prolly be a 1 game entry. i think we should petition them to make this game a trilogy. because doing so makes your developer pedigree stand out. especially if your game was a hit. it gains plenty of weight. popularity and awareness.

PSTAVY4191d ago

i want this game bad have they gave out a release date yet and anyone know the name of the song

Sevir044190d ago

labeled as a 2008 release date for japan. so i'm guessing that sometime in the fall of 08 probably around novemeber for japan. and then a us release early may or later september 09. unless sony see's other wise and makes them do a simultaneous release for next year... and that would be awesome

Douchebaggery4191d ago

it's really good to see them trying to do something different with a jrpg

i'm still waiting for a combat system that compete with Xenogears and Star Ocean 2nd story in the fun factor

senescence4191d ago

Level 5 is slowly but surely becoming an RPG force to reckon with... i hold this development studio with high regards... can't wait for this new IP!

SL1M DADDY4190d ago

But fortunately enough for us gamers, both parties release games ever so slowly enabling us to buy them all and support each for their own special abilities. I am looking forward to Level 5 games as much as I am Squar/Enix's. WKS is looking fantastic and has me drooling for it. *thumbs up*

bootsielon4191d ago

I have high hopes for AI to improve on WKS. I can't wait for all their games!