VideoGamer - Killzone 3: The Multiplayer Verdict

VideoGamer - With three decent modes, a sensible unlock system and a good spread of map variety, there's no doubt that Killzone 3 offers one of the better multiplayer experiences currently available for the PS3.

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-Mezzo-2967d ago

Got That Right, Back when KZ2 was released, i didn't played it Online because at that moment i didn't had a good enough Broadband.

But now, i am playing KZ3 Online and i cannot explain you how addictive it is.

cyborg69712966d ago

Kz2 eats this games lunch. So disappointed in it.

Marquis_de_Sade2966d ago

Regrettably, I agree. I really am disappointed with the direction Guerilla took with KZ3's multiplayer, KZ2 is one of my favourite online games this generation, sadly I can't say the same of its sequel.

ThatIrishGamer2967d ago

Yeah except for the marksman who is invisible and has a fully automatic assault rifle, and is invincible to spot and mark, and has a scrambler ability, and can fire a weapon without showing up on radar, and also has a silenced fully automatic sub machine gun! Have I missed anything out from that?! To everyone that doesn't play Killzone. . what I just mentioned is ALL IN ONE ULTRA CLASS :O :O

Horny2967d ago

I agree it is too overpowered. My favorite class is infiltrator. Fun to blend in with the enemy then cut their throat as they run by.

REDGUM2967d ago

Yeah, but killing that son of a bi$%h gives you sooooo much satisfaction. lol.

dead_eye2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

get it right. Yes he can go invisible but if he kills anyone with his sniper or fully automatic assault rifle his cloak is gone. if he moves he can be seen. His machine pistol has very little ammo and takes a few bullets to kill.
Shall we look at the medic class or any other class' that has things that help them.

Get a set of balls and man up.

edit just read Deee187 comment. thanks for proving my point lol

ThatIrishGamer2966d ago

Spot the marksman!!

He can kill infinitely with his deadly silenced smg and never lose cloak. Even if the marksman gets a camped kill. . .the cool down period for the cloak is about 15 seconds.

It's a joke, and anyone who uses it - who doesn't snipe - is a twat.

dead_eye2966d ago

He doesn't have a silenced smg. He has a machine pistol that eats ammo and takes a fair few bullets to kill. He can only kill when he has ammo and that won't last him long so he'll have to move and then he's a sitting duck.

What if he plays the objectives?

Aither2966d ago

I personally preferred the KZ2 sniper when he could only use the sniper rifle and didn't have any other main weapon.

Horny2966d ago

yup. the class would be better if it didnt have fully auto, maybe limit it to burst, besides that i dont have too much trouble killing them

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sway__z2967d ago

I've completed KZ3 on hard, and re-started it on elite setting (awesome and frantic!)... I have yet to sample the MP of KZ3. I am waiting for the incoming update/patch that fixes/balances first.

Any idea when we can expect it.....anybody? :)

sway__z2967d ago

So i'm getting a disagree because either I have re-started th campaign on elite or I want to wait for the incoming patch???

...shouldn't have expected any less from brainless dorks!

*If it is already balanced then why is GG releasing a MP patch? ...Tsk! call ya'self a gamer do you??? Lol hilarious!!

dead_eye2966d ago

HAHAHAHA. A patch doesn't have to change anything with the classes. It could be preparing the game for more DLC. fixing connection issues.

Who called who a gamer??

sway__z2966d ago

Well i have read on practically every website, on every forum, even the official killzone 3 website has stated the game requires balancing and improvement in the classes. There was a long flamin list to prove it. and yes there is DLc coming what's the biggie?? ...and again you look rather futile gameboy:)

dead_eye2964d ago

If your gonna reply hit the reply button.

Only pick up on the points you want and everything else just gets what's the biggie. I was giving you reasons why a game maybe patched as you seemed to think that all a patch does is change the balance.

For every person that thinks it's unbalanced there will be someone who thinks it's balance. The only difference is that the only people that would make threads about it are the people who bitch over everything and thats why you see it all over.

I'm sure a list proves everything.

game on;)