New NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Screenshots

Eighty-nine new images have been released by Sega for the upcoming NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams for Nintendo Wii. GameScreenie also makes it easy to download all the images for future viewing and use.

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midgard2294767d ago

im sorry but the graphics look barley better than the saturn version, the characters look like oold ps2 games, and the background has sega saturn graphics,

while im sure its gameplay over graphics, doesnt mean they have to slack so much on the graphics, i mean seriously the texures and everything else is horrid, the art direction is fine, but the game shud atleast have metroid visuals if thats the best wii can get.

annoying how most wii games have worse graphics than ps2 games

PS360WII4767d ago

Does look bright and colorful. Though the man who does the Rogue Squadron and resent Lair did say that the developers for these Wii games do need to actually try and do something with the visuals. Most of the games that have come out do not really have a viable excuse to why they looked the way they did (and sometimes still do). Hopefully (I'll use the good old PS3 defense) we'll have to wait and see what the devs do with the extra cash they get for making Wii games. Perhaps with year 2 and 3 we'll see some games where they took the time and effort to put all the items in for a game rather than just throwing something out.

Although these screens are a big difference from when the game was first announced so they can still polish the graphics up a wee bit still.

midgard2294767d ago

they cud still improve....but will they???? most other devs never have, seems nintendo is the only ones who care to use the wii's max power, and as little the power is, it can still make slightly better than ps2-xbox graphics so games can still look great. wii games just need a lil more push thats all, lazy devs, i still dont like nintendo games but atleast nintendo's franchise games look crisp, unlike wii play....wii sports or the stufdf they dont care bout, ugggh ewww Bleeeh lol

PS360WII4767d ago

ha yea I hear ya, and most likely no they won't bring the graphics on par to what Nintendo will. Shame really.

Trick Nolte4767d ago

regardless of its visual. I really cant say the game is ugly but I'm sure it could be better even on the Wii.

Hopefully it sells well enough that Sega may opt to put it on 360 or PS3. All that means for me is that I will have 2 versions.

I'm thankful that Sega atleast made a remake. I never thought i would see this title again. Cant wait to play it :)