5 best new Pokémon in Black and White

Bitmob: Each new Pokémon game always adds another hundred or so new critters to the ever-expanding list of Pocket Monsters. Black and White is no exception, and while a lot of the new Pokémon look great, a few stand out as some of my new all-time favorites.

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choadley2965d ago

I didn't realize the irony of Sandile's Ground type attribute until now.

Bounkass2965d ago

I never knew Pokémon's had nipples to milk...

LockeCole2965d ago

I bought Black this morning before heading to the office. MISTAKE. I can't stop thinking about those Pokemans, just sitting in my car, waiting for me....

Also, the dude with the 2x4 is hilarious.

JamesDeRosa2965d ago

I call a moratorium on Pokemon.

Sadie21002965d ago

Yes, please. How on earth can anyone still keep track of individual monsters?? That is pretty crazy/amazing.

rod_furlong2965d ago

Timburr looks horrifically bad, but...that 2x4 (really more of a 4x4) is kind of awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.