CNET top 5: Biggest tech fanboys

Cnet countdown the most insane, passionate, die-hard tech fans out there...

check the video below...

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XxZxX4036d ago

XBOX 360 fanboys at 4..
Their leader is the owner of, themart. Congratulation you guys make into the list

Wii fanboys at 2 doesn't exist in N4G but everywhere else, usually tech gadget site.

PS3 fanboys, either not crazy enough or simply just not make the list.

Coconutz9194036d ago

I think all fanboys are equally obnoxious. I think it depends more on how MANY of them there are...

risk4036d ago

lol ITS TRUE! apple fanboys are rabid!

REbirth4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

i have a friend that...when she bought an apple laptop...she became blind for the brand...oh and her mac was the best and bla bla bla bla bla...understand? it's annoying:P i do so well with a cheap pavilion:P

it's funny to see nintendo boyz in no. 2... they are so less in this site...

Kulupoo4036d ago

Haha, ya I remembered one of my friend is a apple fanboy/gamer, when he try to play WoW, he spend 3 hour trying to figure out how to talk to NPC... because there is no right click on a apple mouse...

pwnsause4036d ago

wow, its so true, lemmings and the XBOTS lol. too bad im neutral. Im surprised that PS3 fanboys are not on the list, that means they're the least crazy of the 3

well_said4036d ago users only appeared to defend sony's console from all the flame and stupid things that xbox, sega and nintendo fansboys said about it...

XxZxX4036d ago

Yup the name SDF already meant they are not to be offensive, they are just defending. You know who's the one who are rabid enough to attack right? well both of the in the list.

WilliamRLBaker4036d ago

*lol 0* SDF just defending? *laughs hard* yeah right, They are more rabid then apple fans. And I love how you add in ninty fanboys since you say both we're in the list....That video got the 2nd place wrong.

Ninty has no fanboys, They dont argue, they dont make bold statements like 360 fanboys and sony fanboys, they simply play games.

Who here can point out an ninty fanboy on this site? i thought so NO one can.
They should have put the sony/ps3 fanboys on that list at number 2.

XxZxX4036d ago

ninty have no fanboys, dude go out of N4G and you will get eaten alive by ninty fanboy. That's a resaon you are #4 and they are #2.

WilliamRLBaker4036d ago

yes because I only spend my time at right?
Lets see

Both sites i frequent and both i've been a member of for years.

Both sites the BIGGEST gaming websites.
Both sites have hardly no nintendo fanboys, Go to system wars *most posted in forum* at gamespot, and see for your self, Go to and go to the same forum but with a different ninty fanboys.

Nintendo fanboys are a small breed after 2 gens of losing, and they are no where near as outspoken as the other fanboys in that list and sonyfanboys.

XxZxX4036d ago

WOW, then maybe you should write the list then.. Not..

Barreldragon004036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

First if you go to most other site you will see that Nintendo fanboys are the worst. (just because their not here doesn't mean the don't exist) So far on this site their are more xbot fanboys attacking sony news then sony fanboys attacking xbox news. (but there still are tons of fanboys on each site attacking each other) This site has some pretty bad fanboys, i have not seen people on other site put the time and effort into creating a new ID just to sarcastically bash them over and over again (Sony soldiers, BillGates, and Sony Rep)

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LeonSKennedy4Life4036d ago

Will TheMart be accepting the award?

cmrbe4036d ago

Mart or Bladestar. Bladestar or mart. How about the guy in the article pic?.He gets my vote. Hilarious.

Bathyj4036d ago

That would be the mart then.

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