PC Update: Piracy is Good, Microsoft States the Obvious, EVE is Popular, and News From GDC

Notch, the maker of Minecraft, comes out in defense of piracy, Microsoft decides that PC gaming is not dead, EVE has lots of players, Sins of a Solar Empire is back, and more news from GDC.

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ATiElite2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Markus Pierce = My Hero! he is totally right but one thing he left out...Just make a kick ass game and people will buy it, even in it's Alpha stage (Minecraft over 1 million Alpha units sold).

Microsoft....i wish they would just STFU!! PC Gaming has been doing so much better since M$ abandoned it. Now STAY AWAY!!

EVE Online is a MMO that is run by the Gamers. It hard as hell in the beginning but it is a game unlike any other..i just don't have the time to fully dedicate to it but i have a blast steeling my friends account when I know he is at work.

evrfighter2970d ago

Um notch wasn't defending piracy. He is saying piracy and theft are different. He's against piracy. He is right but the blind here can't see past it and will put him on their list in their crusade for the corporations.

zeal0us2970d ago

Piracy is good until it happens to be your game the pirates are pirating.

"Oh here’s an idea, stop selling DLC for ten bucks. That should make more people want to buy your game."

I agree with that, dlc sometimes is a too much, over time I paying more for dlc than the actual game :(

Gawdl3y2968d ago

Markus (Notch) has previously stated that he's OK with people pirating Minecraft, as long as they end up telling other people about it, which causes more people to buy it. And coincidentally, this is usually what ends up happening, as well as the pirate ending up buying the game.

Dr Face Doctor2970d ago

Notch didn't say Piracy was good, just that it wasn't technically stealing.

littlebigmarcpsps32970d ago

piracy is good unless its not PS3 lol RIGHT ?
NG4/sony fanboys

Model2970d ago


kuroukage2970d ago

Just remember kiddies: piracy is bad because the corps told you so. Also, make sure to take your vitamins and say your prayers because Hulkamania is runnin' wild brother! Forgot who told me that.

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