Release of the Week: Dragon Age II

Bioware’s epic dark fantasy RPG is back this week in its second installment. Dragon Age: Origins put gamers in the boots of a Grey Warden, an ancient order bent on repelling the evil darkspawn back to the bowels of the Deep Roads.

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bgrundman2965d ago

How is this not MLB 11: The Show?

coojo2965d ago

because baseball is boring.

midgard2272965d ago

dragon age 2's gameplay is a drag, fix the gameplay and animations. this is 2011, we shouldnt have gameplay that looks like 1995 everquest with a speed buff on, (Points at rogue clas)

plb2965d ago

Graphics are definitely outdated. Even PC version looks horrible

jayhawkwalker2965d ago

wont be up to par with skyrim no thats good graphics