Uncharted 3 & Uncharted 2 Comparison; Shows PS3′s Sheer Power

The graphical leap Uncharted 3 will take from its predecessor was evident ever since the game’s unveiling. Now, VGHQ compare both Uncharted 2 and 3 and by doing so showcase the PS3′s astonishing power.

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Dante1122968d ago

Wow, UC3 looks incredible. Can't wait.

- Ghost of Sparta -2968d ago

Uncharted 3 looks better than Battlefield 3 on PC.

Mr_Objective_2968d ago

Pictures look amazing...
but no much differance in quality.

Saint-Revlot2968d ago

Who would disagree. It does look incredible. Especially in motion.

Korix2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Looks amazing indeed. Big Uncharted fan here.
However, some of the comparisons are between ingame UC2 screens, and pre rendered UC3 scenes (enhancement of ingame graphics - better lighting, DOF, AA, etc).
I hate how people can't do proper comparisons. Sometimes people even compare concept art to ingame screens.
This one is good for the most part though.
Would have liked to see actual ingame screenshots from both games, in full size. Turning down the size only makes the game look better than it actually is, and things like AA and DOF is hard (impossible) to get a "real" look at.

GamerSciz2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

@Korix Pre-rendered does not mean fully CGI. The Uncharted series uses real-time rendering with pre-canned camera movements for the cut scenes but it is all in-engine footage being done in real-time. That's why people have so much respect for the graphics.

Korix2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Look at the UC3 trailer when Drake and Sully is talking. It looks better than the actual gameplay footage we've seen. it's got better lighting, and superb AA that isn't possible to do real time.
That's not something I've read or heard from a friend of a friend, it's what I can actually see my self. So even if Naughty Dog says it's all ingame, I wouldn't believe it. Game devs often speak a little *too* highly about their games.
I don't mean to be an idiot troll or anything, but honestly, don't you think certain trailers/scenes from the series looks better than when we actually play it, and look at things up close?
Clearest indicator is the AA. You will NOT see any aliasing in scenes like the one i mentioned in the UC3 trailer. AA like that simply isn't possible to do real time. Not even the most powerful PC's are able.

jack_burt0n2967d ago

Korix deal with it, that level of AA is a multipass SPE technique it creates an almost identical effect to 16x+. Its not that new its just a new generation of technique of one already used.

Stop all the BS ranting u have no clue.

RBLAZE19882967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

@ ghost of sparta

whoa...slow your role there buddy. It looks good but let's just take it easy. Battlefield looks way dx11 better. Just stop while you're ahead although i'm probably too late and this has escaladed into a full blown shitstorm

OneSneakyMofo2967d ago

I love how all of these people are in denial because of the graphics. That's just how good they are. :]

MaxXAttaxX2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Cutscenes use the in-game engine.

If you get the camera up close to the characters during gameplay you'll notice that it looks quite good indeed.

Plus, Uncharted has very little aliasing in-game to begin with:
Seriously, how many times have you noticed any jaggies?

And that was only UC1 ;)

[On topic]
Also, the 2nd pic of Uncharted 2 is from an old build.
Can't wait for a proper comparison.

jetlian2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

those images are uncharted 1 and the cutscenes are rendered higher than real game.

MaxXAttaxX2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

What do you mean by "rendered higher"?
Cutscenes and gameplay have the same resolution as well as textures.

The main difference is that cutscenes have even better lighting and shadowing compared to gameplay.

So like I said before...

sikbeta2967d ago

I can't wait for this game, UC3 will be HUGE!!!!

paintsville2967d ago

Well there's no dening that UC3 is a good looking game but I don't see this "astonishing power" that's mentioned in the ps3fanboy title of this article. Competent yes, astonishing no.

ChrisW2967d ago

- Ghost of Sparta -

Whoa there cowboy! No touching PC games!

bozebo2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

"Not even the most powerful PC's are able."
lol that's completely incorrect.
unreal's next gen demo was running on pc .(probably at about 10 fps, but a new generation of gpus are coming out which will make a big improvement - probably not affordable to have it at > 30fps this year though, but maby next)
the witcher 2 looks FAR better than this.
the skyrim screens/vids seem to be rendered on 360 (they are in 720p, if they were on pc surely there would be higher res screenies around?)
dirt 3 looks absolutely amazing on pc.
battlefield 3 looks miles better than this.

all that said, uc3 still looks amazing. just remember though, the ps3's graphics are bottlenecked by the rsx which is based on 5 year old graphics technology - the cell cannot magically make the graphics look better. the ps3's power lies in it's cpu capabilities, which are overkill for most games unless they purposely do some crazy AI calculations on the cell.

WetN00dle692967d ago

- Ghost of Sparta -

The F*** you smoking?
I mean yeah UC3 looks amazing and i cant wait to get my hands on it but better than BF3 on PC..........dont think so. I guess you meant BF3 on the PS3.

Man In Black2967d ago

The cutscenes in Uncharted 2 are pre-rendered, which is why alternate skins and such don't show up.

jetlian2967d ago

ingame models arent the same as the cutscenes ones

Mr_Objective_2967d ago

Wow a lot of disagrees for an objective opinion.

To many subjective opinions flying around here.

squidyj2967d ago


It's the same engine used in cutscenes but they use improved effects because they're able to control things like resources present in the scene and they don't have to run physics or ai systems they can do more. For example in Uncharted 2 they ran a different Subsurface Scattering solution in cut-scenes as opposed to in-game.

The paper they published on the subject is here, it's called 'Uncharted 2: Character Lighting and Shading' you can find the comment about their choices on page 59 of the PDF. In cutscenes they did a quick blur of a lightmap to approximate the Nvidia human head demo. In game it wasn't worth the cost because it took a fair bit of rendering time per head on screen.

That's one example of how Uncharted cutscenes have higher quality features enabled than gameplay scenes. Obviously shadow map frustum can be precomputed for set scenes, as well as art resources and LoDs amped up for a scene where you know exactly how many polys are going to be on screen at any one time and where you know exactly what your memory usage is going to look like.

This, however, does not mean that the cutscenes aren't rendered in real time, in the engine, they totally are, they just use better features than Naughty Dog can afford to use in a dynamic gameplay scene.

MaxXAttaxX2967d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

They're the SAME character models!
Do some research.


jetlian2966d ago

you said truth to squid who in the frist sentences agreed with me

" but they use improved effects because they're able to control things like resources present in the scene and they don't have to run physics or ai systems they can do more"

MaxXAttaxX2966d ago

That has nothing to do with different models!
Again, character models and in-game models are the same ones!

The main difference is that cutscenes have higher quality lighting and shading.

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RankFTW2968d ago

Not to be a dick but the word is "awe" not "ore", just for future reference.

hiredhelp2968d ago

- Ghost of Sparta -
Uncharted 3 looks better than Battlefield 3 on PC.
----------------------------- ---------------------

You have no idea what your talking about. dont bring pc into this.

RBLAZE19882967d ago

he was doing an accent. Like orlock or whoever in killzone 3. Or frenchie from the departed (both roles are played by the same actor)

clearelite2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

He probably misspelled that in order to simulate a NY or Boston accent, hence the "powaaa" thrown in(maybe australian). I doubt he writes his papers like that.

I can't wait to see how amazing UC3 looks when it is finished. People are already comparing it to recent PC games and it's not even finished.

Silly Mammo2968d ago

WOW! I remember when someone did a comparison of UC and UC2 and I was duly impressed with that. ND certainly knows how to push the PS3!

zeal0us2967d ago

Agree, guess some1 disagree about the "ND certainly knows how to push the PS3!"

Sometimes I wish they would show the person who disagree with comments that also include a written statement why they disagree

Back on topic
I think ND will do a better job than Crytek with pushing the ps3 to it limits, Crysis 2(ps3) graphic wise look to close to its 360 counter-park to me

I think its time for me to get a Ps3 :) and play some good games

zeal0us2967d ago

Agree, guess some1 disagree about the "ND certainly knows how to push the PS3!"

Sometimes I wish they would show the person who disagree with comments that also include a written statement why they disagree

Back on topic
I think ND will do a better job than Crytek with pushing the ps3 to it limits, Crysis 2(ps3) graphic wise look to close to its 360 counter-park to me

I think its time for me to get a Ps3 :) and play some of its good games

Theonetheonly2968d ago

Those arent Screenshots.

wait the lower ones are. but the one with the scarf is not a screenshot. sorry.

not gonna happen realtime.

tell you you honestly aren't that gullible.

its ok if you wanna disagree ive come to expect denial to the truth. It has to do with poly count, Those are in Engine Renders. nothing about that has anything to do with realtime. Sheer Sheep.

jammydude2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

What do you mean by "those aren't screenshots"? Of course they are.

Do you mean 'those aren't in-game'? Because you'd be correct there. However they're in-engine using game assets so it's essentially in-game and could probably be run in real time (no extra effects applied other than what you'd see in-game) however, for loading purposes, these are pree-rendered FMVs just like in UC2.

Again, the polycount of the characters is not changed, those are all in-game models rendered in-engine.

MysticStrummer2968d ago

@jammydude - Shhh Let him pretend he sounds smart and superior.

Theonetheonly2968d ago

No really Im dead serious. In engine. maybe if drake's face was the only thing being rendered. that is all. Im not trying to sound smart its just not in the scope of the system. the cg render is to draw attention from unwitting fans games like GOW do the same thing. its ok tho most people wont know the difference. drake will only occupy about 3%-%15 of the screen for a majority of the game, unless its during a cut scene, during which i am unsure if they will use pre rendered cg movies to fill or if they will do them real-time. I heard them speak of pre-rendered and real-time "coexisting" but im not sure if that means scripted destruction with dynamic rigid bodies at play in the same scene or if that means they will be using some type of image blending which i doubt.

Saint-Revlot2968d ago

Ummm.....Naughty Dog said it themselves that these are all real-time. They also said it was not CG.

Theonetheonly2967d ago

The footage is convincingly realtime. ;)
srry upon closer inspection I was wrong.
I still do not believe that this will be the LOD. For actual gameplay but naughtydog will most definitely blur the line so it wont matter. Ive got a PS3 sittin right next to my monitor and Im pretty familiar with the capabilities of the box, but convincing someone of that is apples to oranges Been dealing/W this stuff all of my life.

let me make a well phrased statement,

That scene does not have much more room for improvement given the budget, meaning the computational horsepower available is being used to its end. To me this would be the mode i would show things in if i was to run a Cutscene however it does not mean that this level of visual fidelity would be possible if there was anything else on the menu, like controls and collision detection this to my eye is a scene not an example of game-play, expect to see muddier textures AA and lower resolution for the game in play.

the best line of comparison is GT5 using more acute shaders reflections particle density and shadowmapping during replays. and to note i also think that gt5 smoke is a post process effect. unsure tho. :)

squidyj2967d ago

No, that's totally legit realtime rendering. Now, whether it's cut-scene or gameplay, I'm not sure and we will simply have to wait and see. I'd like to hear what you think is going on in that scene that can't be done in real time.

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hennessey862968d ago

its more like naughty dogs astonishing talent than the ps3s power

RatherHavaBigGirl2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

sheer power? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha h ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah a hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha h ahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha h ahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im a ps3 only owner and i can laugh at that one. really, if you wanna talk sheer power talk pc

as far as uc3, i hope the controls are fixed along with better platforming, combat and less predictable moments (got tired of nathan almost falling but somehow finding that life saving grip at the last second. ugh so cliche). the graphices were good though :)

Big_Dom2967d ago

That kind of sense will get you a billion disagrees on here.

BloodyNapkin2967d ago

You are correct if you wanna talk sheer power talk PC. But if you wanna talk great games and awesome exclusives then we will talk PS3 like we are.

bozebo2967d ago

awesome exclusives?
aren't naughty dog games the only good exclusives? oh and mgs 4...

every other platform has better exclusives, even pc

downwardspiral2967d ago

Sounds like you have some kind of sick desperation in your laugh.

BloodyNapkin2967d ago


Care to enlighten me then....

squidyj2967d ago

The Last Guardian
Heavy Rain
God of War 3

I would say thoze are all great exclusives but as with anything YMMV. There are a lot of great games for every platform though, so it's pointless to argue about it.

PS3 is a powerful little system, no doubt about it. It's capable of doing a lot of very interesting things but it won't match the power of a high end gaming rig, of course, that's to be expected, it's running on hardware specs from 2006

2Spock2967d ago


Of course everything is a personal opinion when it come to exclusives and what people like. But clearly the PS3 leads the way in great exclusives unrivaled on any other platform.

And regardless if anyone wants to admit it or not the PS3 is trouncing every platform in great games and a great experience that can only be had on the ps3 and for any type of gamer, from GOW to GT5 to HeavyRain to R&C and so on.

RatherHavaBigGirl2966d ago


replace 'sounds' with 'looks' or 'seems' and that insult would land better

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Maddens Raiders2967d ago

...dude am I the only one that gets the accent? Kind of Steve Irwinish. RIP.


Anyone surprised? I mean these are the Naughty Gods.

clearelite2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

No, they might be too busy looking for grammatical mistakes to decipher the meaning of his words. RIP Steve, at least that bloody crocodile didn't get you.

A lot of people are talking about PCs in this thread. Also saying some of these screens aren't real time. What are they going to say if the game comes out and looks even better?

Buho2967d ago

Not bad for five year old technology huh PC fanboys?

DigitalPiracy2967d ago

I almost replied with an insult but after thinking more carefully I decided that you are correct. No, it's not bad for old tech but can you imagine what it could look like if developed for the PC under the assumption that, say, everyone owned at least a GTX 470. You would probably cry.

Buho2967d ago

LOL that made me laugh. Bubbles for you! :D

ChrisW2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

It's no mistake that UC2 had good graphics, and it'll be no mistake that UC3 will have phenomenal graphics. However, instead of saying it's a "comparison," just state how the graphics and engine have excelled between episodes. It'll attract more interest.

(I know the creator of that blog is reading these comments)

pain777pas2967d ago

The plot from the gamestop interview has GOTY all over it. Hopefully they get a little Kojima on us with some incite on things we should but dont know.

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tommy-cronin2968d ago

at least there using sully more in this, he looks so much better in the u3 comparison

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2968d ago

Wow...UC3 makes UC2 look dated. Never thought I'd actually say that about UC2 O_O.

HeavenlySnipes2968d ago

But you can definatly see the improvement

piroh2967d ago

U2 had the best graphics...till now

-Mezzo-2968d ago

Can't wait for the game.

Masterchef20072968d ago

Poor drake he is starting to get old

No i dont mean old as in used up. I mean old as in he looks older in the 3rd game.

Anyways its great to see that ND always finds new ways to push the PS3.

trounbyfire2968d ago

well ND said drake looks that way because of the sand and dust on his face and his nose looks broken, he was in a plane crash after all. if you have seen the trailer he looks normal when he its talking to sully.

yume-k2967d ago

yup, he looks older and uglier than a 100 years old octopus