PS3 CPU exploit released

A hacker who doesn't go by the name of 'Mathieulh' has released a PS3 CPU exploit. In the description he adds that he knows he will probably get sued but notes Sony 'can got to hell' and he will fight until the 'last min' of his life

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ChristianGamer4850d ago

So much for those scare tactics then

FailOverHero4850d ago

Lol its easy to sound like a tough guy when you're sitting in a basement at home...just look at half the comments that will be posted here

Corepred44850d ago

easy to tell a company to go to hell too. i bet if he does end up getting sued he's gonna regret being an internet tough guy and leaking this, lol. as much as i want this to be dealt with already i'm actually starting to find it amusing that no matter what sony just cannot fully patch their firmware. i wonder how pissed apple is that no matter what there are jailbreaks to their idevices, lol. sucks!

saladthieves4850d ago (Edited 4850d ago )

"Now that's a hardcore gamer"

No, it's a stupid person who thinks he's smarter than an entire corporation. Fight till the last min? Pal, why don't you save yourself the problems you might endure when Sony takes you to court and buries you in legal fees.

Better yet, just send it to them anonymously and they might actually give you a job...

Why do people do silly things in the name of 'hardcore gaming' even though they damn well know it is absolutely illegal, might promote/encourage piracy? Don't they honestly think ahead and anticipate or look at the damage they might cause?

Mr Tretton4850d ago

FailOverHero, you know that includes you.

Agent VX4850d ago

Sony can go to hell. He bought the hardware, he can do whatever he wants to it. It's really really SAD that sheeple have to defend a corporation, and that they allow their "consumer rights" be violated by pathetic multimillion dollar companies.

Sarcasm4850d ago

It's like these "hackers" really say "Sony, look at me!"

Anon19744850d ago

"Sony 'can got to hell' and he will fight until the 'last min' of his life..."

How about just not break the law? Is it really that difficult to NOT do something? There's so much in the world to get worked up about, there's so many good causes. Hacking some piece of tech so losers can steal credit card numbers and ruin online gaming for people isn't something worth "fighting to the last min bla bla blah".

Dante1124850d ago (Edited 4850d ago )

Psxscene called it bs again.

From a hacker there

"1) This isn't the same exploit as the one Mathieulh tweeted about. Not even by a long shot.
2) This won't do shit, resetting the CPU and leaving RAM uncleared won't help you at allif you can't run your own code at CPU power-on (hint: you can't).
3) This isn't related to geohot's RAM glitch.
4) How can you think someone who mixes up milliseconds and nanoseconds is some super leet hacker?
5) Jesus people, get a fricking clue. Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it'll be OMG SO USEFUL and result in a CFW letting you play your ISOs again.I know I sound like a huge dickwad but I also know coating my message in sugar and marshmallows doesn't exactly help bring the point across."

A couple pages later, locked by mod there.

"Yet another thread full of bullshit, flaming, whining and all that typical nastiness that comes with it. Locked."


MaxXAttaxX4850d ago

You can do whatever the hell you want to your own system ALONE, as long as it's not used in a public manner and getting involved with other systems online. That's fine.

But when it leads to security risks involving personal information, making a profit and pirating(except for games not longer in the market). Then no.

Agent VX4850d ago


God, I have to remember that I am on a site that swarms of console users. Here darkride66 starts flapping that “Hacking” is all about stealing credit card info, ruining online gaming and other catastrophic events. What a Drama Queen.

Listen folks, for all you obviously uneducated drama queens, most hacks are for increasing functionality or performance out of hardware. You obviously have little “real world” experience with hacks, drop the controller and pick up a keyboard and educate yourself. Are there hacks that can be "Bad", sure, but most aren't.

While your at it, examine how little rights you have over that piece of hardware that you bought, and grab some kahoonies and fight for you consumer rights.

GrandTheftZamboni4850d ago

@Agent VX

It's okay that he doesn't like Sony. But why did he buy the PS3 then? I don't like MS products and I'm not buying the 360 or Windows. It's that simple.

Either he wants to harm Sony out of hate (he doesn't do it for profit) or he wants publicity kind of why people go on Jerry Springer no matter what consequences are.

JD_Shadow4850d ago (Edited 4850d ago )

"Pal, why don't you save yourself the problems you might endure when Sony takes you to court and buries you in legal fees."

So that's all you have to do in order to win a case, is it? You don't have to prove that your correct in how you view the law. Don't have to prove that the law is something that favors your side of things. Oh no! That would be too difficult to do. All you really have to do is to make sure the other guy doesn't have the money to fight you (even if he's correct), and you will win, regardless of if you deserved to or not.

Wow, we must all be on the wrong path to getting rich if that is all you really have to do.

EDIT@disagree(s): Wow! Just...WOW!

Wenis4850d ago

Now those PS3 is doomed quotes are becoming legitimate

nveenio4850d ago

It's true. You can do whatever you want to your hardware. You can't do whatever you want with software. So, if a hardware "tweak" turns into something that needs to be coupled with a software "tweak", then you just might be in violation.

Anarki4850d ago

If you know you're going down, you might aswell go down singing!

ChrisW4850d ago

Sorry, I don't think people like him are scared. Sony can sue the living crap out of him and force him to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and mental anguish... and all that he has to do is declare bankruptcy.

suicidalblues4850d ago

@ chrisw

Learn law. You can't declare bankruptcy to get out of a civil lawsuit. If you could then anytime someone sued someone else, they'd just file a chapt13 and walk.

Dee_914850d ago

lol yea if i had these abilities i would be applying for jobs
but i guess he got a rich family and would rather be a tough guy hacker on the internet ... and life goes on

Lawliet4850d ago

You know what is more sad? That immature brat bring their fanboyism into the debate. So much hate that they even forgotten themselves being a gamer. They have no pride.

zag4850d ago

@agent VX

You can't do anything you like with the hardware, you buy a license to give you the privilege of using said hardware.

That license doesn't allow you to hack the hardware.

As you haven't paid for any of the R&D costs plus all the use of patents you'd also need to buy licenses for so you can do stuff with that hardware.

Nothing is free, it all costs some money and the poor people are the ones who can't really afford all this stuff so steal it, miss use it, etc.

also about the account data being stolen already started to happen with some users saying some CFW leaks account details that allow it to be picked up by people.

So while you might not be after that info you can be well sure that some russain mafia group will be loving this as they can just pretend to be some "hacker" and release a CFW for the PS3 that does leak out the info or because a backdoor for the rest of the home network as you can request data from PCs via the DLNA network.

Many people end up screwed over by this sort of stuff 24/7 as other people want to steal your money instead of your games or the other useless crap you use your PS3 or PC.

Then at the end of the day, whats the real point of all this hacking stuff because it hasn't ever been much about installing Linux really as you could do that before hand.

Agent VX4850d ago


Get your head out of your butt... What on earth are you talking about “R&D” costs???

Every single thing in WalMart has “R&D” costs. Even that crap that eats your warts have “R&D” costs...

That is business; you develop something and sell it. After you sell your “wart cream”, the consumer “OWNS IT”... If the consumer wants to add it to his cereal, he can. Once the item is sold to the consumer, the “CONSUMER OWNS IT!!!” PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!

Your doomsday scenario about hacking is plain and simple “B.S”. As I mentioned before, the “VAST” majority of hacks are to increase performance or functionality of the device. You “OWN” what you bought, regardless of what “ILLEGAL” laws that corporations have bought from the politicians and judges. EG... Just because people drive drunk, do you ban all alcohol and cars???

Your arrogance of living in the pinnacle of human existence where all laws and social norms are balanced are severely twisted. Corporate laws are there to protect the few. Take for instance; there are 400 Americans that have more wealth than half of all Americans (150 million people). Point is, law is far from “Fair & Balanced”.

Give me a freaken break, how on earth “YOU” or some corporation can impose on somebody that you can’t do what you want to something you bought is completely “Total Control” of the individual. If you even listen to what you are saying is sooooo controlling, let government completely control what and how you live your life.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin

Learn those words...

ChrisW4850d ago (Edited 4850d ago )


You can preemptively file bankruptcy and walk away as long as the lawsuit hasn't been filed yet. However, you need reasons non-related to the ensuing lawsuit to do so.

nveenio4849d ago

Yes, you CAN do whatever you want with the hardware you buy. Let me give you an example.

I buy an old projection television. I bring the television home. I set it on a stand. I take a screwdriver and open the back panel. I make some adjustments to the hardware orientation. The picture is better. I teach other people how to do the same. They do it. People are a little upset that the TV wasn't just shipped this way. The TV manufacturer finds out. They explain that the hardware wasn't shipped that way because it makes it easier to see scrambled cable channels. The TV company gets angry. They tell people that they can't modify the product. They go to the Supreme Court. The court rules that people who buy a product own the product purchased.

I buy Findows 9 because it has a cool movie editor packaged with it. I'm really into editing my own movies, so I think it's a great value. I get the latest OS AND the latest movie maker. Sweet. Two months later, Findows 9 asks me to update to the latest "secure" version. It gives me the option to read about the update, but I don't. I just accept the terms by automatically clicking "okay". The update gets installed. I reboot. When the OS resumes, I find that my movie editor is gone! Holy crap, what happened? It turns out the update was there to remove the movie editor because people were using it to pirate movies. There was no way to patch the editor, so they had to remove it altogether. Now, I'm angry. There's no way for me to go back to an older OS and still be getting all the latest updates. To keep my version current, I have to accept all updates. I call my lawyer. He tells me that the version of software I bought is the version I own. It is NOT, however, always going to be the latest version.

Do you see the difference between scenarios? Hardware doesn't change over time. When you buy a 1080p TV, it's going to be 1080p until it breaks. The problem people are having is that the PS3 is such a well blended piece of hardware AND software. Sony doesn't have to keep PSN backward compatible. That means that you must have the latest version of the OS in order to use PSN. That's how they encourage updates. They have a right to do this. They aren't violating your rights. What you own is the hardware and its original software.

Can you hack the OS, repackage and distribute it? Let me ask this question in another way. Can you take the PS3, file off the PS3 emblems and logos and add some that say, "h4ckSTATION" instead? No, you can't. That's patent infringement. That's why Sony is in trouble over BluRay tech. They are accused of repackaging someone else's tech and calling it their own. You can't do that. You can't do it with hardware, and you can't do it with software. You can make the hardware you own better, but you can't modify and distribute software as your means of doing it.

Whew...my fingertips are tired.

paintsville4849d ago

Look out MANDATORY update coming soon to a ps3 near you!!!

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taylork374850d ago

I'm sick of hearing about this. Sony needs to squash this.