Xbox 360 leading in Europe

Some developers are claiming that the 360 sales are tanking in Europe. Things are going so badly that publishers are thinking about not releasing any games outside of the UK for the 360.

Obviously this would be a huge blow to Microsoft's hopes but while looking at some sales figures a few months ago things seem to be much different. At that time the 360 was leading the PS3 and only just behind the PS2. So what changed.

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masterg4037d ago

I don't know what the truth is in this matter but comparing numbers on Halo 3 Pre-week seems pretty dumb.

Hatchetforce4036d ago

Developers are concerned about 360 SOFTWARE sales. Another ridiculous article that can't find the facts.

navysealrb4036d ago

Well look who put the article on N4G. lol

nasim4037d ago

absolute BS!!!!

according to VGCHARTS x360 has sold over 530 000 units in FRANCE. When in reality it is just 400 000 units and ps3 is already over 200 000 units at the moment

stop posting VGCHARTS crap

Snukadaman4036d ago

No price drop needed....plenty of problems with recent games....all AAA titles....yeaa but in reality all these things aint happening for the ps3. Man you world must be lonely.

D R Fz4037d ago

Sounds like a bit of bias on the contributors part.

Bloodmask4037d ago

I didn't make the title. And according to the N4G guidelines you are "NEVER" supposed to change a title unless it doesn't make sense on N4G. Understood?? That 1s the "original" title. Stop making BS reports just bc you don't like the content of the article.

Plus you Sony Extremists leave me bad feedback on my submission. Which is also against the rules.

Feedback is for the "quality" of the post. IE enough text, picture, editing.....Not the content of the article.

synetic4036d ago

Bloodmask you suck making article really you just a xbot that need atention .... sorry had to say this this guy is making me sick ... you even worse than the fanboys at lest they have brain

NextGen24Gamer4037d ago

Its been common knowledge that the xbox 360 is outselling the ps3 in North America and Europe. The two biggest markets for video games in regards to money.

While the Wii has been outselling the xbox 360 in every territory except for December.....We are still in the Wii's launch year. High sales is expected.

More importantly...The xbox 360 has more consoles sold,than the Wii and Ps3, in Europe and North America.

Will the Wii catch up in North America and Europe? Who knows.

Japan is where Nintendo dominates with Sony being a DISTANT second and Microsot lagging in 3rd.

2007 Christmas will clear things up a bit.

My feelings is Microsoft will continue to have the bigger install base in North America and Europe....The Wii will continue to dominate in Japan...and the Ps3 will continue to lag far behind in every territory.

Once again...3rd party games and price will be the defining factor as it always has been.

Real Gambler4036d ago

This is NEWS 4 GAMERS.

So on one side you have approved this article as being a NEWS for PS3 fans. And then, you go on and say who honestly didn't know this!!!!

So, if everybody knew about this, it's not a NEWS and you're plain s_t_u_p_i_d for approving it. If it's not NEWS and "every knew about this", then it doesn't belong to NEWS 4 GAMERS.

A NEWS by definition, is something that you don't know about. It's NEWS.

So I guess this article could only go to FLAMEBAIT 4 GAMERS.

TheFatOne4037d ago

Hahahahahaahahahahahaahahhahah ahah XD XD XD XD. This is some funny crap. They are comparing it pre Halo 3. The week before arguably the f that the biggest game this holiday season. Hahahahaahhahahaah Please tell me the sales the months prior to Halo 3 and during Halo 3 and then I will believe you.

GavinMannion4036d ago

I have updated the article with information about this.

Basically choose any week that isn't around the PS3 price drop or starter pack and you will see the 360 beating it.

In total sales it is miles ahead and when you line up the launches it is staying ahead.

The Wii is in a category of it's own