10 (More) Video Games That Should Become Movies

Like Me: When we published our list of ten video games that would make decent movies, you folks had opinions. Some of you thought no games would make worthwhile films, many suggested games that didn’t make our list, and others just thought we were idiots. Well, maybe we are, because we’re back for more. Here are ten additional games that could make decent movies!

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Kon2971d ago


anthem2971d ago

Please stop you will never live up to the great expections set by many great games also cartoons DBZ was the worst made me wanna burn every thing I own.

CrimsonEngage2971d ago

Most movies based off games suck because they are Directed by Uwe Boll. To be honest i thought the Silent Hill move that came out was quite good.

I don't think movies have to follow the exact story arc of the games in order to be a good movie. Movies are an hour to 2 hours long. What people don't understand is that it would be hard to make a 6 hour long movie. (The length of a game)

cooperdnizzle2971d ago

I agree, Silent Hill is an awesome movie. I think it's the only game that has been turned into a movie that i like ~