The Top 7... Unanswered Questions in Halo 3

Make no mistake - Games Radar loves Halo 3. But while the game may have excellent graphics, music, missions, multiplayer, coop and editing tools, it fails to deliver one crucial element. Closure.

This may have been the end of a trilogy, but it certainly did not feel like the end of Halo. Plot threads remained loose, characters were left in limbo and the fight did not seem entirely finished. With no more sequels announced (yet), what's a puzzled and perplexed fan to do?

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Umbrella Corp4132d ago

Im actually hoping for a Halo 0.Imagine fighting along side the other Spartans.This game could actually show us MC face

hotshot12374132d ago

i stopped reading after that................SEE YA EVERYBODY

BloodySinner4132d ago

Then why post your meaningless comment at all? Then again, you do have one bubble, so I suspected you'd say something very stupid, regardless.

Itachi4132d ago

does it really run in next gen HD 640P

WilliamRLBaker4132d ago

*whisper* naruto sux *its only for kids didn't ya know?*

As for that lil tidbit in response to your stupid attack on a game that blows away all your belovered ps3 hopes.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4132d ago

William who are you to judge what is for children and what isn't?

As far as you know he could be 13. And why the hell does your opinion matter about a show?

And yes it was confirmed it runs at 640p though it still ,looks better than tons of games.

Itachi4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

whats with your fetish with hamsters are you a 6 year old girl

WilliamRLBaker4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

what fetish with cats? you mean my avatar? yeah...thats an hampster...(looks like i touched a nerve)

and I love the fact hellbringer, That you come in and get on me for simply saying pretty much what he said *nothing to further the discussion* and say nothing to him when he came in not to further to discussion but to make a current sony fanboy comment of *but but but but teh 640p

Oh and Its not me judgeing the show as for kids, Its the whole Freaking Anime *true anime* loving population, Naruto is just like DBZ and any true anime fan hates DBZ or any thing like it, Naruto is shown on......OH MY GOD Cartoon network, Naruto is being OH MY GOD marketed to kids:)

So I stand by my statement Naruto sux *yay we get to see another 30 minute episode with an actual 2 minutes of fighting, and 28 minutes of talking about inane stuff* and its for kids.

P.S: i see you edited your comment, Atleast you can see itachi.
By the way I have owned many hampsters over the years, as well my 13 year old nephew owns one, Many people own them.

P.P.S: i would rather have an avatar of a cute lil hampster then a character that has major homosexual overtones towards a shark like comrade from a crappy anime.

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jackdoe4132d ago

They pretty much force you to read the books and other assorted merchandise in order to complete the story.

rogimusprime4132d ago

well, it's a pleasure to read the books, they are much better than those $hitty cutscenes and dialouge it took bungie 3 years to develop. The guy they hired to write the books probably wasn't being paid enough.

His books are good though, damn good. The fall of Reach and First strike being better than the ghosts of onyx.

jackdoe4131d ago

I agree. The Halo cutscenes,namely Halo 2, didn't explore enough of the mythology and MC wasn't as well developed of a character as he was in the novels.

tatotiburon4132d ago

what a dilema...Halo 3 a game that runs in 640p with good graphics is a game that everybody loves and rulez!! and in the other hand with have LAIR a game with wonderfull HD graphics but is a game that SUCKS BIG TIME, 2007's big flop of the year, a game with the worst reviews but with excelent

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