Responsibility and power go hand-in-hand

Power. It’s something that’s given only to those who are responsible enough to make use of it. It’s not to waste, it’s not to use in excess. It’s something precious that can’t be replaced, and once its gone it can’t be retrieved. With great power, comes great responsibility.

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ATiElite2967d ago

I hope everyone reading this article will go into bios and UNDER-volt their CPu ram and Gpu and save those extra offset me OVER-volting my ram cpu and gpu muh ahah haha. Need Moar Powah!!
"I'm giving her all I got Captain". It doesn't work unless it works Overclocked and Overvolted!

Seriously though you can downgrade the Cpu, ram, and gpu and still get great performance but DON'T ever Downgrade on the PSU Power Supply Unit cause it's the most important part. Always use 80 plus and do research before you buy.

Urrakia342967d ago

Haha the headline kinda made me think of Uncle Ben.......

toaster2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Only use the best, Corsair ;) Their PSUs are the best in the market right now. Corsair PSUs are the most efficient in almost every wattage range, so you can't really go wrong with Corsair. The HX850 has been shown to provide wattage for system that run up to 1000W. Just goes to show the outsanding efficiency of Corsair power supplies.

bozebo2967d ago

lol this article is a pile of crap.
"Black uses less power"
lol what a load of idiocy. The damn backlight will be using the SAME AMOUNT OF ENERGY!!! Black pixels only use less energy in OLED screens, which aren't in mass market yet.
Unless that is, you have dynamic contrast on. Which is the first thing you turn off when you get a monitor anyway because it is total fail.

"Switch to LED
LED screens feature individual LEDs to provide backlighting to pixels on the screen."
Er, LED screens are just the backlight, clearly the author has them mixed up with OLED and shouldn't be writing on anything even remotely related to technology.

Also, the ground does not draw excess power away from the pc, that is complete fail physics from the author.

"once its [power] gone it can’t be retrieved"
another fail. Though sort-of correct as far as it matters to us (energy savings), it actually isnt: Energy can only be changed from one form to another, energy cannot dissapear.

Also, "Electricity is in short supply". This would be untrue if people would just wise up and use nuclear power - but some idiots think it is dangerous because one particular badly run third world power plant went wrong. And because of the relucatancy to build new ones we are running old stations over capacity and their old systems are far less safe than what is possible now. Go and watch Bullshit! (penn & teller) now.

The stuff about the psu, undervolting and adaptors is correct though. But undervolting may only save you about £10 a year (my particular q6600 findings anyway) - even if your pc is constantly on and you have it running intensive applications for something like 8 hours a day.

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