Darkspore Beta - First Impressions

Beer_Baron and ExplicitD from give their first impressions of the Darkspore Beta for the PC.

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HeartDisease2967d ago

they should have distanced this game far away from the name spore. spore was a let down to many people after the hype it had. its creature creator and customization were exceptional though , which this game retains much of.

most people see darkspore and do not even give this the time of day. if it were named "darkcreatures" people would ask, "what this game? ohh it uses the spore creature creator? thats was the cool part about spore mebe ill check this out".

this game is actually alot of fun and brings some new things to the "diablo" table. it may even be better than diablo3(hard to say since havent played it, dont flame me for making an obvious statement) and if it is not it will fill that void nicely till diablo3 comes out. if you are reading this and enjoy diablo, torchlight, and other games in the genre, give it a chance. you may be surprised.