Happy Birthday Fallout! Who Wants Cake? Fallout Perk Contest Announced

10 years ago the original Fallout was released and forever changed role-playing games. Now is your chance to be a part of Fallout history. Bethesda Softworks gives the fans a chance to design one of the perks for Fallout 3:

"No, we aren't going to tell you about any of the perks that are already in Fallout 3. First, that would spoil it, and second, we don't want to color your ideas with anything we are, or aren't doing. It's a clean slate for you. Be creative.

Think of something in the spirit of Fallout. What would you really want your character to be able to do in the game? Don't worry about any stat requirements or the level you would get it at. Just design a cool perk and we'll fit it in where it could go."

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skynidas4088d ago

fallout 3 is going to be a really good game

MK_Red4088d ago

You beat me again TnS. Except this time, I'm more than 13 hours late.

Still, great contest. I'm working on my perk.