Killzone 3 tops French charts

Killzone 3 tops weekly French charts for its first week of sales, Just Dance 2 is 2nd. No signs of Bulletstorm in the top 5 for consoles games and PC games...

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killcycle2971d ago

The french LOVE Killzone, i'm always seeing them online.
Not sure why it's not loved as much elsewhere.

MaximusPrime2971d ago

the world loves Killzone 3

NewMonday2971d ago

Why did EA release Bullitstorm in the same day? Same thing with NFS releasing same time as GT5. Forcing gamers who are interested in both games to chose.

I expected something stupid like that from publishers like Namco who released Enslaved the same day as Castilvania, I thought EA were smarter than that.

sikbeta2971d ago

I'm not a FPS guy, I love KZ2 and its dark atmosphere, something most FPS veterans didn't like about the game, but man, KZ3 and those levels are beast!

AAACE52971d ago

Indeed the world loves Killzone 3 and the sales will prove it!

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hennessey862971d ago

playing killzone, i garuntee they camp

SuperKing2971d ago

lol, you guys always remember that part of the french huh?

hennessey862971d ago

though not all the french pussied out, some of them were very brave and atleast tried

Solid Wolf2971d ago

Well when the Nazis invaded they were at great disadvantage since their army was crap.
The 20th century wasn't such a good century for France.
-1st Indochina War
-Algerian Revolution
You get the picture.

Solid Wolf2971d ago

Asia LOVES Killzone 3......FACT! But I haven't bought it yet though lol. Oh but most of us just go on BO or BFBC2. :P

Chromer2971d ago

A great game deserves great sales around the world. Heh. I just made a Daft Punk reference in a French news story! :D

LoaMcLoa2971d ago

Je'mappelle Visary. Une world domination, s'il vous plea.

(My french sucks)

ManiacMansion2971d ago

KZ3 tops french charts with 50k units sold :D!

Baka-akaB2971d ago

Says you . I know it's hardly the same phenomenon , but to give you an idea , gt5's sales within first week in france was more like 250k .

Hardly shabby .

Stop believing eu country sales arent important

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