How Metal Gear Solid Changed David Hayter's Life

David Hayter, the English voice actor for Solid Snake (and later Big Boss) talks about how the series has changed his life.

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moscardini74034d ago

thz sony to have good cons.

skynidas4034d ago

mgs and ps3 will pwn everything in their way

synce4034d ago

What, did you see this on Slowtaku yesterday? This is OOOLD.

fopums4034d ago

none the less awesome, and this wasnt a dramatization or skit. its how david hayter really rolls :D

Kulupoo4034d ago

MGS is awesome, I like MGS better than Splinter cell for some reason...
I guess MGS is more heavy on the story
by the way, at 1:50 when David said DAMN it really sound like snake :D

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