Xbox charts: Fight Night puts down Bulletstorm, Kinect titles on the rise

EA took the top two slots in UK Xbox sales last week, with new contender Fight Night Champion bouncing People Can Fly's Bulletstorm to second place.

Activision's ludicrously strong-selling Call of Duty: Black Ops held its ground at third, months after release.

Some day, a UK top 10 will appear which doesn't have a Call of Duty title in it. And on that day, bacon sarnies will fly themselves to our waiting mouths.

It wasn't all about sweaty biceps and bulging clips, though. Kinect party games were in the pink, with Dance Central inching in at tenth while Kinect Joy Ride and Kinect Sports latched onto sixth and seventh.

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r1sh122967d ago

EA are actually doing pretty well, even though MOH was a bit of a flop.
EA have 4 titles in the top 10, showing off their dominance.
Activision have 1 killer title - Call of Duty, EA have multiple great titles and it seems EA have fully learnt from their past mistakes.

thehitman2967d ago

MoH didnt do to good in reviews and from the beta i thought the game was really shit but im pretty sure it didnt flop either.

r1sh122967d ago

EA said that the game was disappointing in both sales and reviews.

KarrBOMB2967d ago

Anyone got Fight Night Champion yet? I played the demo for Fight Night Champion and Bulletstorm, liked the F.N.C demo to a certain extent and thought Bulletstorm was ok at best.