Rumor: Zune 2 Launches Tomorrow

According to BetaNews, there's going to be a Zune Event in Redmond tomorrow to launch the next-generation Zune. Bill Gates and J Allard are supposedly attending, but supposedly it's just an announcement, with the players only being available in November. Not much else is known now, including whether there's going to be just a flash-based Zune or both a flash-based and a newer hard drive-based one. Will it look anything like the Toshiba T400?

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stunt2134034d ago

who gives a f**k about zune????? Apple own 75% of mp3 market share. When microsoft launch zune 2 the media will not even give a s**t. Typical microsoft always trying to take the shine away from their competitors.

power0919994034d ago

But isn't this what business is all about?

Trying to out sell the other?

mighty_douche4034d ago

there was a zone 1?!?! lol, piece of crap.

mordecai_4034d ago

i made the mistake of buying one upon release. piece of crap. i have an ipod now. wayyyyy better.

Close_Second4034d ago

...lets overlook the fact that the original Zune was released to compete with a 5th generation IPod, however, what exactly made it a "piece of crap" for you and why is the IPod better?

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The story is too old to be commented.