Capcom aiming to make 'the perfect Devil May Cry'

Capcom has moved to reassure Devil May Cry fans that the franchise is in good hands with developer Ninja Theory and that together the teams involved aim to make DMC the best in the series so far.

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hay3654d ago

They already failed. Significant number of fans hate new Dante so it's no longer perfect ; p

Liamario3654d ago

It's true though. His design is appauling.
Capcom are out of touch. They think Dead Rising it a AAA series.

midgard2273654d ago

dead rising is aa horrible game, after playin part 2 for a while i dont know why people like it. one button gameplay, retarded zombies no combo system, and its just a bad dynasty warriors which dynasty warriors is already bad.

now back on subject, yeah capcom failed wen they let dante's design look like this, i seriously hope the gameplay and story is saved. tho ninja theory is great on story, just not really on gameplay side

Army_of_Darkness3654d ago

You leave dynasty warriors out of this you bastard!! this is about ninja theory and their upcoming gay remake of dante!!!

(ahem)... Now back to dynasty warriors Gundam 2;)

sikbeta3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

The First DMC was Perfect, wanna do it perfect Capcom? you got the word wrong, it's RE-MAKE, not RE-BOOT :P

LoaMcLoa3654d ago

Good thing they've already fucked up the design -_-

Thoreau3654d ago

this is not dante, it is the lead game dev. placing himself in a game....

specialguest3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

This is too damn identicle to be simply coincidence. His ego is going to ruin this franchise.

Shanks3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

I'm waiting for Capcom to go bankrupt for a while now.
I really hope this is the final nail in the coffin.

the_kutaragi_baka3654d ago

i agree capcom sucks in this gen.

anyway At least we know 12 year old girls will buy and love this game... lol

limewax3654d ago

I mean no offence, but they do not suck this gen. Either you joined late or forgot some of the early years of this gen. Understable with how long this gen is.

But actually just to list 2 great early game Dead Rising (original) and Lost Planet (original)

The sequels died on their ass, proof they fell from grace DURING this gen. They started out pretty good if anything, and a return to their 2005-2006 releases would be very welcome

SnakeMustDie3654d ago

They still have Monster Hunter so it will be long until they go bankrupt.

guigsy3654d ago

Yeah seeing hundreds of people lose their jobs, yeah that would be nice...

specialguest3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

If Capcom bankrupt = No more SF, Megaman, & Resident Evil, then F*ck No! We need Capcom to stay alive.

Sure, maybe Capcom's newer franchises have not lived up to expectations, but these three franchises(SF, Megaman, & Resident Evil) continue to live up to positive reviews.

mastiffchild3654d ago

Every Resi release this gen has been crappy-all the Wiimakes and lightgun games AND RE5. Add in average games like LP1,DR1 and 2 alongside dross like CTYD, LP2, BC and DV and the picture is pretty bleak.

SF, MH and Z&W are their only bright lights these days as even the MM schtick is palling for me now. The state of Capcom is pretty weak and a long way below the standard of last gen for most folks cash.

specialguest3654d ago

I think RE5 has been unfairly criticized, because it follows a legacy of the RE name. In my opinion, after playing the game, it felt like an 8 in score, which is not crappy by any means.

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Neko_Mega3654d ago

Yeah perfect trash, I'll stick with playing the old Devil May Cry games.

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