Three Core Ingredients of Dragon Age 2 Recipe

SegmentNext - "During an interview, Dragon Age 2 executive producer, Mark Darrah revealed interesting details on the core ingredients the developer focused on during the development of the sequel to the critically acclaimed roleplaying game. Not only that but he also talked about the future of the franchise and answered very important questions about the gameplay, story, and few doubts that franchise fans might have".

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WhiteNoise2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

"DLC; DLC is at the heart and soul of the Dragon Age I.P, you see myself and the other leads got together with industry experts and we decided that we needed to get introspective and we asked ourselves; "how do you maximize profit, while minimizing development time?".

"and so the concept of taking core content, including it in the story from the beginning, and then removing it was really key to making the franchise as successful as it has become. With Dragon Age 2 we really decided to step it up a notch, increase the graphics, increase the game price, and really increase the amount of DLC available at launch"

"we know the pre-paid visa market among teens is growing and we really wanted to capitalize on that"

-Sugar Coating PR price gouging admission that although completely honest somehow would go over the heads of retards reading it so their response will always be

" :) awesome news, I loves me some DLC, not to mention achievements, achievements>gameplay"


I was joking. They recently said *to paraphrase* that DA2 would be shorter and would have more DLC....aka they are reducing the value and increasing the cost, they tried to make it sound like a good thing. Then today they tried to make it sound like the fact they are patching in the games graphics settings after also a good thing. SO I'm just saying what they really think for them

Megaton2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I don't see any of that anywhere in the article. If they really said that, I'd never buy another BioWare game again.

Edit - Gotcha.

Not the slightest bit interested in Dragon Age, but if they pull this Capcom-esque bullshit for Mass Effect 3, I think it'll likely be hitting my uTorrent instead of my Steam library.

WildArmed2968d ago

Leave it to Dchalfont to read between the lines ;)
Great job :D


You won't find it in the article,however you may discover it in the recipe.
Interesting post WhiteNoise.Inclined to agree.