Truth: Everything We Actually Know About The New PS3 SKU

Sony's recent FCC filing over the alleged 40GB PS3 has gotten people focusing on the wrong issues. Why do people constantly look at the one feature of the PS3 that consumers can most easily change (the swappable hard drive) to define an SKU? And besides, the 40GB drive is the rumor aspect of the story anyway. PS3Forums is refocusing attention to what is actually known about this new SKU.

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sticky doja4034d ago

You should have used it. I hope it comes out as well, as long as it is $400 or less that is.

Dio10804034d ago

Thats why I went ahead and swap my 60Gb with a 160GB, so I wouldn't have to worry about this problem.

Lord Anubis4034d ago

they forgot to mention it has no memory card readers and two USB ports.