Beloved Half-Life Sound Designer, Face of Gordon Freeman Has Left Valve

In a bit of surprising news, it has been reported that Kelly Bailey, the senior sound producer who has been with Valve since the original Half Life… is no longer with the company.

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CrzyFooL2782d ago

Kelly Bailey!? Noooooooooooooooooo

egidem2782d ago

Damn...he was awesome. Half Life has truly unique sounds...some of the more epic ones are like:

-Trying to select any object or anything that isn't selectable
-Headcrab screemish sound
-The VERY CLEVER way of designing the zombie cry (when you burn him) by recording the words "Help god, Help me!....why god why!" backwards!

-Recharging your suit makes a weird sound that has the words "ContinuahContinuahContin uahContinuah".
-The weird small naked zombies that run around with headcrabs screaming like little angry kids...

This guy is very talented and it's sad to see him go.

JsonHenry2781d ago

Where will they EVER find someone else who can be a senior sound producer?!?! THE HORROR!!!

Kreyg2782d ago

Whoa, does this mean they can't use his likeness anymore?

seraphcaeli2782d ago

good question, but I doubt it. They'll use Hugh Laurie from House instead :-p

pixelsword2781d ago

They probably already had something worked out to cover that. Killzone 3's Rico was based off of someone who used to work at GG, but he doesn't work there anymore.

Batmau52782d ago

Damn, big loss for Valve. or so i imagine.

Sandwich Bender2782d ago

I can't wait to see Gordon without a face!

KingPin2782d ago

well they could always go the halo route. just put a helmet on it :P lol we already know what gordan looks like so its not like we have to imagine whats under the helmet. ot even better, go with the robocop helmet and leave the goutie showing just so we know it really is gordan under there.

SexCells2782d ago

Well that sucks to hear. I'm sure Valve will get along fine without him, but who knows.

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The story is too old to be commented.