The Eye of Judgment Box Art, Bundle Packshot, Game Details

Sony released the final box art for their new card-based game, The Eye of Judgment.

Loot Ninja got a chance to play the game a bit at Digital Life and it works very well. The game utilizes the PlayStation Eye to read cards put onto the gaming board. Depending on where and which direction you place the card determines the actions taken. The graphics and video grabbed by the PlayStation Eye are both overlayed on the screen, which surprisingly works very well. Where they see an issue with the game is online play.

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drunkpandas4037d ago

I haven't made my decision yet. I'm waiting to hear more about the price and release schedule for expansion decks.

skynidas4037d ago

i dunno this game looks boring with all the games that are releasing this holiday season why waste your money in this game...the only thing that i like from this is the playstation eye

damnwrx4037d ago

I don't mind buying cause of PS3Y3...

Ri0tSquad4037d ago

But I would buy this just to try it out. Btw this is pretty old.

Relientk774037d ago

this is a duplicate story from what 2 days ago? lol

but despite that this game does look very interesting and the technology used in this game is incredible not to mention the stunning graphics... idk i may get sucked in to this card game