Is Anyone Anywhere Ready For The PlayStation 4?

You know, maybe we've just forgotten: it's 2011. In looking at the history of this industry, especially the history of the PlayStation brand, shouldn't we be anticipating the fourth, now?

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Nitrowolf22971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

PS3 is going to have a long life, i don't expect the PS4 anytime soon with the massive support the PS3 is getting. This isn't like the PS2 era, the PS3 can continue to evolve through FW updates and such. Plus PSN still has a lot to grow. IDK i don't expect Sony to reveal a Console anytime soon when they are also pushing for 3D, PS3 being one of their major push for it. I don't expect the next console to use any different format disc, prob. a bigger Blu-ray Disc that can go +100GB.

I don't think Sony is ready to release a PS4 anytime soon either since they recently started profiting off the PS3.


dont want ps4 for atleast another 3 years

Shok2971d ago

Nah, much too early I can live without another PlayStation or Xbox for probably another 4 years. They both have longer life spans than the Wii. I would like the next Nintendo system next year though, as I'm always excited to see what new things Nintendo brings to the table.

Dante1122971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

True, it does seem a bit too early for another new batch of consoles (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo). Just getting a feel for the ones that are out now.

Soldierone2971d ago

I agree. Id expect a new Nintendo to hit earlier than everything else, probably announced next year or so.

As for Sony it all depends what they do with NGP and the move MS makes. I gurentee no matter how much like PS3 has left, the second MS announces a new Xbox Sony will be right next to them. However it wont be out at the same time.

I expect it to be like last generation. Consoles at differnt times. You had Dreamcast, shortly after that PS2 and Gamecube, shortly after that Xbox.

ultimate-remag2971d ago

wow u got disagrees... trolling of stealth see i!!!!

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2971d ago

although its been more than 4 years since i got my ps3 it still feels as if its some what new, as if theres alot more on the horizon for the console. another 2 years and we'll be ready for the announcement. And in 3 we can expect it.

stonecold32971d ago

im not really to upgrade for another machine i would rather 3 to 4 years from now has sony has to many aaa titles coming out and i wouldnt be able to get a ps4 with all these games coming out and thses multi plats arent even pushing ps3 hardware at all . only sony and all the 1st and 2nd party will take advantage of the system and ps3 did not come out in australia new zealand europe africa till early march 23 2007 and ps3 is not even 4 years as of yet in those countrys. i think wheres the next nintendo wii and the next xbox articles that what we need to hear . as xbox is lacking in 2011 and nintendo have got there games games but i think nintendo need to and launch with a new power console same with the m$ hardware as xbox and wii have already tapped peace out ?

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