Sony "Big Bang" Conference on Oct 12

Well folks, it looks like the funky, PS3 price-drop happenings you've been hearing about lately may very well be dropping all over the place. Apparently, hot on the heels of a new filing with the FCC, and various rumors concerning an approaching $399 console, Sony (which has heretofore denied the chatter) has announced a "Big Bang" press conference to take place on October 12th, where many believe they will intro a new, lower priced 40GB console. With nothing big slated for the holiday season yet, and Xbox 360 price-cuts and bundles being bandied about, it makes sense that Sony would come out swinging before holiday shoppers hit the stores. It's truly a good time to be a buyer.

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risk4130d ago

i dunno...would they really want their sales canabalized for 2 or 3 weeks? seems early to me

Violater4130d ago

Hope nothing backfires.

nasim4130d ago

in EU the only place x360 sells is UK (not a large but decent amount)

for x360 everything is just over.

Ofcourse with a 399$ ps3 SONY will win EU massively this year .in NA too SONY will rule with a 399$ ps3

caffman4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

you only have two moves
please, its just getting old now

Omegasyde4129d ago

GTA2 release date October 22, 1999 for the ps1

GTA3 release date October 2001, for the ps2

GTA3 Vice City Oct 29, 2002 for the ps2

GTA3 San Andreas Oct 26 2004 for the ps2 2004

Case solved? Sony Big Bang Announcement is Grand Theft Auto 4 related.

AngryTypingGuy4129d ago

No way man, Sony is making the right move to become more competitive. They should've done this a long time ago.

S1D3 EFFEC74129d ago


I'm probably getting one next year.


cuco334129d ago

How has he not been banned yet? At least the other fanboys of this site show SOME worthy posts with realistic beliefs and/or articles...

How come you were MIA on that news article a few weeks back that stated 360 ISN'T dead in europe but in fact IS doing better than the PS3!? OMGHI2U!!! Want proof? Go look at vgchartz for europe (and then come back here and say they suck and are not a reputable source, cuz it works against your ideals). In Japan the PS3 isn't doing so hot either.

To be on topic, $399 will move the consoles but it might be too late to take anything but 3rd place this round. It, if anything, would help boost slagging BD sales. I know I'm tempted to get a PS3 for $399 not just for gaming (or lack thereof) but also for BD as I'm neutral on the format but am biased more towards HD DVD. Sony needed a pricedrop like this 6+ months ago. We'll see if it's too little too late. Both as a game console and as a BD player (THE BD player the whole BDA actually backed up), it isn't doing so hot...

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BulletToothtony4130d ago

that they will announce it on the 30th.. but we'll see..

Spike474130d ago

they need to do something with the price drop though.

halo 3 is still gonna damage their sales, remember what happened in july.

they need to issue some bundles and let the world know the ps3's price has dropped, if they don't, it's gonna be the same story.

ms is gona counter it with their new falcon rrod 360s that may cost less(idk).

so they need to do something extra, they need to hype up foklore or eye of judgement.

synce4130d ago

I still find it amusing that PS3 sales are neck and neck with 360 sales at this time in its life cycle despite the PS3 not having any games (or so they say). With this price drop, the release of MGS4 and GT5 (and multi games like Assassin's Creed and DMC4), and increasing Blu-ray/HD demand, there will be a clear winner in a year or two. Spoiler: it's not the Defective Halo Box Mk.II.

kn4130d ago

The 360 and PS3 on a global basis are far from "neck and neck"... The PS3 stands at about 5M in hands of consumers and the 360 about 11M in hand to the consumer. If they do drop to $399, I suspect a big surge, but will it be a "gamer" surge or a "movie watcher" surge? I think Sony is making a mistake with this big a drop now. They should do it when the library is bigger in my opinion.

mesh14130d ago

u keep forgoting the ps3 has a blue ray player which stands for crap ray playuer and that what most ppl buy it for hah aand it sales in th euk suck i live here ppl i know with ps3 are not gamers but electronic junkies

Biphter4130d ago

But sales since PS3 was released. Both PS3 and Xbox 360 have sold about the same. The Wii however has sold more than both put together in the same time frame.

cdzie14130d ago

What will Sony do if PS3s still don’t sell? What if it’s not the price at all? The best hardcore games are on Xbox 360 and the best casual games are on Wii, maybe there just isn’t enough room for a 3rd this round?

risk4130d ago

agreed, theres no room for a third. go home xbox.

TheExecutive4130d ago

Youre not very smart if you think the xbox is gonna beat the ps3 in worldwide sales when this is all over...

cdzie14130d ago

I think even Sony concedes that Xbox will win the US this round. PS3 will do slightly better in the rest of the world.

I mean, Xbox has a 5 million unit lead in the US and it’s still outpacing the PS3 in sales.. even before Halo 3 even hit the shelves. If Sony starts to catch up, MS will simply do another price cut.

TheExecutive4130d ago

I guess only time will tell, but 5 million consoles isnt a whole lot when looked at in the big picture. That is, 5-7 years of a consoles life; but like i said time will tell.

lonestarmt4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

360 is out selling sony, and thier growing out, but only hardcore gamers play the 360? please I could name games you never have heard off. What makes them hardcore, because they play hours and hours on halo or gears of war online talking smack like a middle schooler? Its hard to be hardcore when your fanbase doesn't really play anything but shooter and sports games.

Douchebaggery4130d ago

the 2 biggest ammo x360 fanboys have been using so far is theps3 has no games and it's too expensive (which can be arguably true depending on your game taste).

but the ps3 has been selling on average about a third of the x360 numbers in america and almost the same amount worldwide and that's without any advertising or coherent marketing strategy.

every gamer i know in real life are just waiting for a price drop to get a ps3, the halo effect is gonna last a couple of month

but if the 399$ price point come to fruition for the ps3 things are gonna be really interesting this holiday season.

Shankle4130d ago

Correction - The 360 is outselling the PS3. Why you said sony is beyond me. Did you forget about the PS2 and PSP?

I'm not making a point btw. I'm merely a pedant.

Synex4130d ago

if MS keeps dropping price then people will wonder what's wrong with and why it's selling so cheap.

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