Shift 2: Unleashed - Koenigsegg CCX On London Track Gameplay HD

Gameplay footage of Shift 2: Unleashed showing off a Koenigsegg CCX racing in London!

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aviator1892969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Looks great, but I don't think this will end up as a true sim.

LOGICWINS2969d ago

It's not intended to be a true sim. Its purpose is to bridge the gap between arcade and sim racing. Its a mix of both.

Close_Second2969d ago

If thats the case why do so many feel the need to compare this game with GT5!?!

LOGICWINS2969d ago

Because their crazy and they need to validate that they have the best driving game by downplaying another game that poses a threat. Sad, but true.

Jdub895O2969d ago

i hate to admit it.....but it looks good

Close_Second2969d ago

Not as goos as I was expecting though. I was really expecting a higher environment polycount. Check out the cornering and you can see the angles instead of a nice curve. Trees are fairly generic and some of the buildings look a little flat.

It looks good but I was expecting a little more considering it should scream along on a top end PC.

Jdub895O2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

gt5 didnt impress me.... but the intro got me hyped as hell lol

Jdub895O2969d ago

shift looked good but controls were crap....seriously impossible to drift!!

Quagmire2968d ago

yea, that was the one flaw which peeved me off. Hopefully they fix it this time round

xtremegamerage2969d ago

GT5 is a sim.

This is not.

Tracks and cars look nice, but it's an arcade game.

Yes i played the first one.

Quagmire2968d ago

If this is an arcade game, then what the hell is Hot Pursuit?

Shift 2 is a sim. Sure not up to the standards of Gt5, but it is a sim nontheless.