Shacknews: Dead Island Preview

After releasing one of the most emotional trailers of this generation, the team at Techland brought its upcoming zombie title Dead Island to GDC to show off the actual gameplay.

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Krakn3Dfx2970d ago

Wow, didn't expect Dead Rising 3 so quickly. Awesome.

bobrea2970d ago

People are making WAAAY to huge of a deal over the trialer. It had a dead girl in it, so what? It was a kickass trailer but, seriously people...

Jonah_Reese2970d ago

I liked the trailer and everything but man, so over Zombie hack/slash games I do want to see how they approach the sub-genre a'la Devil May Cry and God of War.

firelogic2970d ago

Listening to IGN Game Scoop, Greg Miller said he's still excited to play the game but that it's NOTHING like the trailer. Another IGNer got to see the game a few weeks ago and he said it was a first person view melee combat zombie game that was dead serious in tone. Well the new build they showed at GDC...well they outright said it's completely different from what that editor saw.

According to Greg, it's full of cheese, over the topness, and is the opposite of what he expected going in. He basically said it's Dead Rising in FP view.

VenomProject2970d ago

Oh, that's great.

Way to release a trailer that grips you emotionally then release a game that's totally campy.

What went wrong there?

dragunrising2970d ago

Techland definitely makes good looking games, judging from Dead Island and their past catalog.