Kaufman Boosts Xbox 360 Sales Forecast; Sees New Trouble For Sony PS3

Kaufman Bros. analyst Todd Mitchell thinks the huge early demand for Microsoft's (MSFT) new Halo 3 game for the Xbox 360 should boost sales of the hardware platform through the holiday season. He has increased his estimate on Xbox 360 units for this year to 17.1 million, from 16.5 million. At the same time, Mitchell drops his estimate on Sony (SNE) Playstation 3 units to 10.3 million from 13.5 million. He also ups his estimate on Nintendo Wii console sales to 19.8 million, from 16.3 million.

Mitchell thinks Sony faces "a worse case scenario" for the holidays. The PS3, he says, is "too expensive and lacks compelling content." He thinks Sony will have to lower the price of the PS3 "to stay in the game."

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Boink4130d ago

this gets 1000 degrees, or at least 300 commemnts

nasim4130d ago

MS has shipped around 11.6 million x360s worldwide and sold around 10m.

so analyst is saying that MS would sell 7 million x360s in 4 months worldwide.

that is totally impossibel since x360 is dead in JAPAN and EU.

when the 399$ ps3 is launched in EU everyone would buy it (SONYLAND) and a million x360 owners would trade in their x360s with ps3.

already at 2x the price point ps3 is outselling x360 by big margins in EU /ME and REST OF ASIA.

COD 4 Eu and Japanese version has been cancelled for x360

nobizlikesnowbiz4130d ago

Well looky there. I can't read your sh1t nasim. You have one bubble. I wouldn't click read post to save my life.

Give up already. No one cares what you've got to say.

kn4130d ago

I don't read your comments, either, but just in case you didn't know, the system AUTOMATICALLY ignores people with 1 bubble. Your comments are only seen by those that actually un-ignore you which is highly unlikely. Your best bet would be self-natural-selection. There are a myriad of ways to go out with a bang. Try playing in traffic on the freeway at night for starters.

Spike474130d ago

250 of the comments made are gonna be by 360 fanboys.

halo is halo, it's not the second coming. WE all know what's gonna happen, sony will drop the ps3s price in the holiday just in time for mgs4.

I don't need a dumbass analyst telling me what i already know.

TheMART4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

Funny to see the PS3 fangirl censorship brigade is back again.

Reporting stuff over nothing. Where is the duplicate link guys?

You're as bad as dictators from North Korea for example, or China with the limited Google. Try to block anything you dislike, right?

2paclives4130d ago

Here we go again..THE FART comes out and throws his little 2 cents at the ps3..dude, admit it, you can't afford one. No need to attack something you can't afford. Sound's like jealousy.

Bloodmask4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

I know the censorship brigade is always on the prowl. This is a legit story. I posted a story earlier that predicted good things for PS3 and it was approved instantly.

@whoever is disagreeing with me I have provided proof so I would like to know why you disagree.

sticky doja4130d ago

You get disagrees simply because they don't like positive 360 or negative ps3 news, requardless of facts.

navysealrb4130d ago

Bloodmask. That picture is getting pretty old with ever negative post towards the PS3. Its retarded.

Says you4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

that breaks down alot already has released its final game Gears of War 2 wouldnt make a difference because people would know that game would be short as well or even have less weapons considering the first one did have less weapons and only one vehicle that wasnt even good and its going to have 4 enemies one at a time!.

chester4130d ago

Run-on sentences are your enemy.

Seriously take a breath or something.

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