Official response from Bungie on custom game search feature

To sum it up, Bungie wants gamers in the matchmaking system and to not have the flexibility of search.

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killercam194036d ago

wheres the actual responce

JsonHenry4036d ago

The fact you CAN'T search for matches really pisses me off about this game. I am one of those poeple that like searching for my matches according to the options I want on. Not what Bungie wanted to shove down our throats.

Good thing that Team Fortress 2 will have all the goodies we want and more!

Marceles4036d ago

"The reality is that it's not something that is getting changed or tweaked, so what exactly would the point of stickying it be? There's no searchable custom games because we want to keep the population in Matchmaking high so that the end user experience in matchmaking is as good as it can be, that success presupposes certain population levels. We appreciate your diligent feedback." one reads articles on N4G, they just comment on the story title

Snukadaman4036d ago

why isnt there a option too turn these things off....that sucks.

mighty_douche4036d ago

everytime i play it i get bloody Oddball or shotgun + snipers.... much better when you can be specific.

socomnick4036d ago

Yea Bungie needs to add this feature and stop being [email protected]

WilliamRLBaker4036d ago

it seems the only complaint is this.

*cry* i want searchable custom games because I dont have enough friends to play custom games on my own *cry*

I have something over 20-30 people on my first list and thats it, I never have a problem finding custom must only have one friend on ur list if ur having trouble.

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