True Crimes Still Alive? Microsoft Getting Publishing Rights Exclusively

1. PS3 $199 Announcement At E3
2. EA Guest Stars On HipHopGamerShow
3. Bulletstorm - 8.5/10
4. Drake Refused To Sign With Jay-Z

God Bless You All And Enjoy The Show

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Blad3star3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

It is not possible, no. UFG could end up taking some of their ideas to a new project, but everything that's in True Crime now is not going to see the light of day.

Edit: Actually my comment above is not 100% true because the rights are still Activisions, meaning if another publisher wanted it they would have to pay swimming pool loads of money to get the rights to the franchise because it was virtually complete... and if any one can spend a pool load of money (Kinect) MS can.

Warprincess1163650d ago

Oh god it hipphopgamer. If i knew this, i would of never clicked on this article. Oh and now i definitely don't believe this rumor if the source is hiphopgamer.

GameZenith3650d ago


If you would have never clicked on the article if you knew it was posted by HHG, then why in the Hell did you reply to his article?

It is like you are purposely wanting to be viewed as a common hater.

ChristianGamer3650d ago

Kratos in MK...HHG totally called that one. 199 PS3?? Yes please! I get to play all the exclusives for less money than all the elitists that bought it when it was 599? Score

PirateThom3650d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

FailOverHero3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Oooh oooh oooh, do one about broken records please

Aaaah. Sequel not as great as the first one. Just didn't make any sense. Hey, you'll always have broken clocks one though

Nitrowolf23650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

he also the very same person that said $199 PS3 was coming 2010 remember?

come on any one can make prediction

and anyone can associate it with any big event
"$199 PS3 Announcement at TGS"
"$199 PS3 Announcement at GDC EU"

my point is, HHG fanboys are gonna go nuts when it happens saying HHG was right, when it's been rumored for some time now by so many other websites.

Most of HHG prediction are just recycled rumors spreading on the net.

PirateThom3650d ago

Broken records tend to make the most noise, it just won't be what people want to hear.

The_Ultimate_Guy3649d ago

"Broken records tend to make the most noise"

LOL where the hell did you pull that saying from? That doesn't even make sense. How does a "broken" record may noise?

Nitrowolf23649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

totally unrelated to this article, but a broken record plays the same way

in this case i have no idea what he means, he could be talking about a repeating pattern

matey3649d ago

Who cares these games are bettered every year Nintendo games r more value 4 money i think plus microsoft have basically used Money to buy exclusivity and buy there way into the games industry Sony/Ninty got there the hard way

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Hitman07693650d ago

Oh don't be so sure about that lol. True Crime is a big deal, regardless of what Activision thinks of it.

shadowknight2033650d ago

hmm good for MS? i never liked true crime so im down with it

princeofthabay3650d ago

true crimes wasn't a big deal and never will be.

FailOverHero3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Lol oh please. I swear you guys would say this about ANY franchise if Microsoft bought the rights to it.
What?? Uncharted? That series never really mattered to me, too much cinematic gameplay
What?? Metal Gear? That series never really mattered to me, not enough gameplay
What?? Grand Theft Auto? That series never mattered to me, too violent and overrated and realistic.
What?? *insert popular series here* that series never mattered to me, too much *insert whatever's cool to complain about*

@nitro, i also don't recall anyone expressing their disinterest in the game so vocally either. Those who were not interested simply ignored it. Now that there's an MS exclusivity rumour people want it to be known that they were never interested in the game/franchise? Lol what gives? If you were/are so not interested, why do the rest of us have to know now?

Nitrowolf23650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

i don't recall to many people being that excited for this game when it was revealed at E3, it was split in half. SO people liked the first one and some thought it was crap. Personally i was looking forward to the game

you guys tend to do the same thing when exclusives come to PS3 (and pretty much ensure future titles from taht franchise)
"Oh we already played it anyway"
"you got it one year later anyway"
"meh it was a medicore game"

schlanz3649d ago

True Crime was never a big deal. Big "WHO CARES" for this one.

In fact I hope it does come true, it can be the next Crackdown 2 joke exclusive.

nycredude3649d ago

Apparently failoverhero never played the first one. It sucked.

Iroquois_Pliskin3649d ago


no words to describe how retarded that was.

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malandra3650d ago

I guess that's one way to get an exclusive

Zydake3649d ago

OH NOESSS Drake refused to sign with Jay-Z

ATiElite3649d ago

and how does this matter in the video game industry? who's Drake? Who's Jay Z?

saladthieves3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Goddamn, if the PS3 does drop to $199 I'd be a freaking awesome thing

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theafroman3650d ago

a 199 ps3 is something that needs to happen.

Kreyg3650d ago

If PS3 @ 199.99 happens, Microsoft BETTER drop their price too or it's OVER

HOSe3650d ago

its over already dog.

winflasher03650d ago

It was over after kinect.

SeNiLesBack3650d ago

The FUD that gets slung in this place!!

Raider693650d ago

Its not happening anytime soon!If any Sony will wait for M$ to drop the price down first!Right now Sony haves a great if not the best lineup in years and they can sell the PS3 at the price it is,backing that price with the exclusive games!

FailOverHero3650d ago

Price cut huh? I don't see it happening, what with all the lawsuits...when LG wins the case and starts asking for royalties for every ps3 sold, they are gonna need to have some left over to pay their staff

colombiankilla013649d ago

Are you Greenringoflife? because you post the same pathetic retarded comments!

orange-skittle3649d ago

Wishful thinking. PS3 will never catch up. The MOVE is not outselling KINECT, so it doesnt matter if you nerds believe a 200 PS3 is going to sell better than a 200 360

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kookie3650d ago

Hiphopgamer is full rumor

rlm413649d ago

and his rumors have been proven correct multiple times..

He has contacts in the industry

hellzsupernova3650d ago

from what ive herd and read on true crime enjoy your exclusive 360 owners :D lol

Blad3star3650d ago

So by your logic we should stay away from games that reviewers gave a low scores to - guess I wont be buying GT 5 -_-

hellzsupernova3650d ago

lol yteah because an 8.5 is a low score. when game journilists say why are you showing me this game its clearly nowhere near ready then the publiusher cans it you know its not good.