Blu-ray Winning Europe 4-to-1

Sony has announced that sales of Blu-ray titles in Europe are exceeding sales of HD DVD titles by a factor of 4-to-1. This decisive lead has forced studios such as Universum Film (Germany) and Studio Canal (France) to plan Blu-ray releases for this important Q4. Additionally, sales of standalone players has nearly caught up with HD DVD, reflecting a similar trend in the US where sales of Blu-ray players has surpassed that of HD DVD players.

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Meus Renaissance4037d ago

I expect Blu-Ray to win the next-gen format war quite comfortably at the end

Rooted_Dust4037d ago

Until then We the consumers are stuck in Dual Format Hell.

jlytle12344037d ago

pick one and lobby for it. word of mouth can speed this format war up.

Nigglet4037d ago

I know a lot of you young kids are to nieve and ignorant to know anything about global economics. For your information, blur-ray lost the war the moment CHINA, the gigantic economical backbone of the world, decided to support HD-DVD. Not only is the whole country going HD-DVD, but they will soon flood the world with cheap-ass HD-DVD players. Sony is just wasting their money by advertising blur-ray anymore. The numbers look like sony has a chance now, but that will end with the first wave of CHINA players. Go study some economics and stop making ignorant statements about things beyond your grasp mentally.

synetic4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Nigglet to bad in china 95% of all dvd sold are pirate ( talk about Ignorance lol )... and they have not supported hddvd they have supported the tecnology and the format is CH-DVD . CH-DVD player can read hddvd movies but hddvd players cant read CH-DVD movies ... to bad you got owned

nasim4037d ago

BTW BENQ 200$ BD drive is also due this FALL

so console war and format war both comes to an end on 30th October,2007

jlytle12344037d ago

nigglet america would be the gigantic economic backbone. its the one that buys all the stuff that the rest of the world makes. you can produce all the players you want, but if noone buys it what difference does it make.

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MaximusPrime4037d ago

heh heh heh.. i knew Europe loves Bluray. Keep it up.

cuco334037d ago (Edited 4037d ago ) toots it's horn about how BD is doing in europe? a market that is so small in HDM that has the biggest impact from the PS3 (being that Europe is Sony Land)?

We've heard BD in the US go from 7 to 1 (or more) lead (which btw was for 1-2 weeks) but it's at 1.5:1. And even if BD wins 8956708935673063 to 1 in Europe, majority of posters here on N4G are from the US so why do you care? The movies are region locked anyways (a major disadvantage BD has) so you can't view BD euro disks on BD US spec players unless the studio didn't region lock it.

I'll let you bluboys preach though. Must be nice having an inferior, unfinished format in the lead in sales.

to below:
HD DVD forum didn't want region coding. It works as an advantage to the studio, NOT to the consumer. This isn't a 'feature' to preach about. But we all know how well BD's other "superior features" are doing.. How's that BD1.1 profile doing for ya? BD2.0? Is BD-Java easier to use or write any better than HDi? What about that coveted BD+ that most of the exclusive studios preached about? or is everyone focused on fixing the BD50 press line?

kreetah4037d ago

Not true, its up to the individual studio to OPTIONALLY turn on region locking, another FEATURE that HD-DVD doesn't have.

jessupj4037d ago

Last time i checked, HD-dvd seemed a lot more inferior. BR might need a tiny bit more work and is harder to program for, but imo HD-dvd is a lot more inferior. It's very very similar to DVD. If i was gonna upgrade, i'd make it worth it and buy a BR player, or even better, a PS3.

DaEnforcer4037d ago

Poor xbots and soon R.I.P HD-DVD

moscardini74037d ago

Sony 1 mocrosh**t 0 keep it up good

razer4037d ago

Sony 1 / Toshiba 0

MS isn't reliant on this stupid movie format war.

Compare BR to DVD and then you get a nice reality check of how BR and HD-DVD are fighting over like %10 of the market while the other %90 are doing fine with DVD.

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