3DS visuals at over 1080p (2500 x 1500): Pilotwings Resort

3DS Tribe writes: "The full-size versions of these screenshots are gigantic – 2500 x 1500, fact fans – and the detail is incredible. We were worried that Wuhu Island wouldn’t look that good on a handheld but we have just been blown away."

3DS Tribe have covered more on Pilotwings Resort including the news Monster Games are the game's developers - however the new screenshots for the game have 1500 vertical pixels - originally at 2500 x 1500.

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Kon3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

Looks good for a DS game.

Stealth20k3977d ago

it looks good for the 3ds which is more powerful than the ds or psp. Its like having an awesome portable gamecube

Neckbear3977d ago

I think "Gamecube"'s settin' it too damn high. I mean, remember Baten Kaitos, Wind Waker or FF: Crystal Chronicles?


Jio3977d ago

More powerful than the Gamecube.

Jio3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

Didnt you used to have more bubbles? Anyways, look at this video, the 3DS is not a DS.

Same goes for Neckbear, the 3DS is even more powerful than the Wii.

By the way, ( to those of you who comment before watching the video ) watch the video first. The game is only 20% completed and is already looking amazing.

schlanz3977d ago

Looks like a Wii game! I love Pilotwings. I must be the only person getting a 3DS at launch for this.

disgaeapuchi3977d ago

I wonder how it stacks up to the Wii Sports Resort visuals - I think 3DS has better effects though - it's amazing how great the visuals look at 2500 x 1500, sure there are a few blurry textures about (obviously because 3DS shows the visuals at 400 x 240 or 800 x 240 in 3D mode) but it just shows how great the visuals are when they still look pretty respectable at a high resolution.

The same goes for Zelda 3DS - the recent screenshots for the game were at 800 x 480 which is Wii resolution. It still looked great at 4x the pixels the 3DS would have outputted at.

NiKK_4193977d ago

Where do these screenshots come from then? Because yea the 3ds screen is only 400x240(not even better than original psp, but not the point) so how do you get these high res screenshots from it then?

disgaeapuchi3977d ago

No idea - they are probably "development" screenshots from Nintendo. I say this because the preview Metroid Other M screens were in 720p.

Shok3976d ago

No, it's just 400 x 240 to each eye. The whole picture is 800 x 480 though.

Lich1203977d ago

They are likely rendering it on a PC emulating the 3ds.

soren3977d ago

does this game have online?

anthem3977d ago

My eyes they burnnnnnnn lol but for real n64 pilot wings had the best music.

josephayal3977d ago

OMG! Yess yes!! WAIT!! O NO!! MEHHH!!!!

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